Andrew Kenton is in an epic fight with a well known YouTuber

Andrew Kenton
Andrew Kenton took his fight with YouTuber YourWetSock public when he called to out on Instagram to fight in person. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance’s Andrew Kenton is involved in a heated fight with YouTuber YourWetSock, who has been trash-talking Andrew all over social media and shouting out his ex-fiancee Amira.

YourWetSock is a YouTuber who is best known for roasting celebrities and creating food-related challenges.

Andrew took the feud to the next level by calling out YourWetSock on Instagram and asking him to fight in person. YourWetSock did not end up replying to the challenge.

Andrew escalated the feud between him and YourWetSock

YourWetSock irritated Andrew with content about his character and made passive-aggressive gestures, according to Andrew.

In turn, Andrew made an Instagram post flexing his bicep muscles and calling YourWetSock out to fight instead of talking trash over the internet.

Andrew said, “Instagram! Help me bring this boy to the table, he keeps running, making excuses, talking big but backing up! He is the epitome of passive aggressive! He had the guts to run his mouth about a grandma but is really quiet when a real challenge is posed.”

He continued, “YourWetSock doesn’t even have the guts to tag me in his responses like I have him. He is by far the biggest s**t talking coward I have ever seen.”

The Instagram post also had a screen capture of YourWetSock’s Instagram story and another of him flexing his bicep muscle on a pony.

The flames might have also been fanned by YourWetSock, who previously mentioned Amira as being one of his favorites from 90 Day Fiance.

Andrew has hinted at possible return to 90 Day Fiance

Andrew has a lot of haters but also has a lot of supporters who agree with Andrew’s sentiment that he got a bad edit by TLC to make him out to be a villain.

He has said he doesn’t mind being the villain but has set out to prove that’s not who he is by exposing 90 Day Fiance editing tactics in a new YouTube series on his channel.

With that said, he divulged that he wouldn’t count anything out as far as a return to TLC, with one of his fans saying they would like to see him on The Single Life.

This fight is also not the first internet fight Andrew has gotten himself into. He also told fellow cast member David Toborowsky that he would beat him down after David made fun of Andrew.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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