Andrei Castravet claims move to Ireland due to Moldova police corruption but are 90 Day Fiance buying it?

Andrei and Elizabeth have a tense conversation before the wedding. Pic Credit: TLC

On this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth Potthast and her husband Andrei Castravet returned to Andrei’s home country to host a second wedding with his Moldovan family.

Libby’s family also traveled to Moldova for the wedding, but instead of enjoying the experience, they used it as an excuse to dig up answers about Andrei’s past. 

The family was curious about why every time they ask about his past or why he left Moldova, he dodges the question and shuts down the conversation.

It’s no secret the Potthast family and Andrei have tension – the trip didn’t begin well as Libby’s sister Jen called Andrei’s mother’s cooking ‘peasant food’ and her brother Charlie almost fought Andrei during dinner.

The build-up of Andrei’s secret had viewers expecting the story to take a crazy turn, and rumors ranged from an ex-lover to dealing with drugs.

Why did Andrei suddenly move to Ireland?

Andrei and his friend Marcel both quit their jobs as police officers and fled to Ireland, but why? It was the question that Libby’s family was determined to find the answer to before their departure from Moldova.

Andrei’s uneasiness about the subject only further intrigued the family.

Libby’s family was able to corner Andrei’s best friend Marcel and question him on their move to Ireland. Marcel, visibly shaken, cooperated with the family in an effort to help mend the relationship with his friend.

Marcel explained that the police in Moldova are corrupt and Andrei was getting pushed to leave. According to Marcel, corruption in the police department led to conflict between the higher-ups and Andrei, which led to his decision to move to Ireland. That answer, however, wasn’t satisfying for the Potthasts.

His big secret is finally revealed

Andrei explained that police officers in Moldova aren’t able to make a living solely on their paycheck. In order to survive, most accept bribes and break laws.

He also explained that in order to survive as a police officer, you have to execute the not-so-legal orders of higher officials to prove loyalty.

Andrei chose to leave before falling deeper into corruption. The decision ultimately resulted in him getting set up by fellow police officers and forcing his departure from Moldova.

Social Media sides with Andrei

Family Libby is still convinced that Andrei was driven out of his country because he did something that he’s not telling them.

For some reason, they don’t understand that this same corrupt police force can threaten Andre’s Moldovan family and that could be a reason why he doesn’t want to speak on it.

Viewers are confused as to why Libby’s family is questioning Andrei’s police officer’s background when it’s them with the questionable pasts and the mugshots all over the internet.

Do you think Andrei is telling the truth about his departure from Moldova?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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3 years ago

Andrei explained, leave him alone1 considering the corrupt department in his country (among others) this is VERY believable!!! Her ignorant holier than thou family act as tough they WANT him to say he did bad things…THEY are the ones I would be questioning, especially her fat ugly nosy father, brother and that B***H sister!

3 years ago

Andrei is a cheap hustler. He talks BIG- his actions – well he doesn’t have any.
He’s crude and disrespectful to all of Elizabeth’s family members, especially his father-in-law. He comes to them with macho selfish requests- and makes Elizabeth ask for everything he needs. He lived in a country where you treat the senior members of your family with kindness not asking them to genuflect at your every whim. (I know this because I’m Eastern European.) At this point after 2 years Andrei should learn to swallow a little humble pie and drop the act. It’s old and it should be over- he owes them everything he has and they continue to give.
The story line is becoming a soap opera that I don’t even want to watch.

3 years ago

Does anyone think that after 2 years – yes 2 years of being supported by your wife’s family you might want to say thanks?