Amy Duggar King reveals attempt to contact Anna Duggar

Amy Duggar King selfie.
Amy Duggar King did attempt to talk to Anna Duggar privately. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King is the most progressive member of the Duggar family.

She wasn’t raised under the same rules as her famous cousins but was still close to them growing up.

Appearing on 19 Kids and Counting was where followers met Amy, and she was in the spotlight until she chose to walk away after learning the truth about Josh Duggar and the molestation scandal in 2015.

Since then, Amy has been vocal about the misdeeds within the family, focusing on Josh, but she has compassion and love for his wife, Anna Duggar.

Amy Duggar King clarifies attempts to reach Anna Duggar

There’s been plenty said about Amy Duggar King and her message to Anna Duggar she put out on social media. She’s tweeted about her, and she took to Instagram to reach out to her cousin-in-law ahead of Josh Duggar’s sentencing.

Given how protective the Duggars are when sharing things and controlling the narrative, Amy felt like social media was the way to go, hoping Anna might see that she was offering to be there for her.

In her latest TikTok video, Amy revealed that Amy had attempted to reach out to Anna several times ahead of writing on social media. She mentioned wanting to clarify that she wasn’t out for the like or “narcissistic,” as people had called her. According to the former reality TV star, this was done out of genuine concern for Anna, not for the attention.

Amy was a huge support for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard, who walked away from Counting On in 2017 and put some distance between the Duggars and themselves. While the details about what the cousins discussed weren’t made public, they were spending a lot of time together, including double dating.

What’s next for Anna Duggar?

Duggar critics and followers are waiting to see what Anna Duggar’s next move will be. She left the courthouse following Josh Duggar’s sentencing alone, behind Jim Bob Duggar, who also walked out alone.

She has not talked about anything to do with Josh except for one social media post, where she said something about there being more to the story. It was a link for a company where she gets paid to share. Comments on her posts are limited, a year following Josh’s initial arrest in April 2021.

Amy Duggar King reached out to give Anna Duggar support, but Josh’s wife isn’t interested in hearing from or responding to the Duggar cousin.

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