Amber Portwood’s brother calls her out for being ‘absent’ in Leah’s life

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Amber face-timed her brother, Shawn. Pic credit: MTV

In this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber Portwood got into a heated argument with her brother Shawn about her absence in Leah’s life.

Amber video-called her brother, Shawn, and unloaded her issues with Leah onto him. She asked Shawn if he was aware that she was having problems with Leah.

Amber went on to tell Shawn that Leah revealed things about her upbringing that she didn’t like or “understand whatsoever” according to Amber.

The Teen Mom star claimed that she made it clear to Leah that she wanted to celebrate her birthday with just the two of them, but that “nobody is responding.”

Amber shared that Leah told her things that would have made Shawn “f***ing flip.”

Amber lost control when Shawn mentioned her being ‘absent’ for the last 12 years

Shawn asked, “What about the pain that she’s experienced over the last 12 years? She’s had a mom who’s been absent her…” before Amber interrupted, saying, “I wasn’t absent. At all.”

She wouldn’t let Shawn finish speaking and continued, “And in fact, I took care of her my damn self before I went to f***ing prison.”

Shawn was able to say, “Andrew…” before Amber interrupted again.

Amber claimed she wasn’t able to do anything about her ex’s behavior when she saw where Shawn was going with his comment.

Shawn brought up the term ‘absent’ again and Amber went off

Shawn told her, “Well, you were kind of absent.”

Amber was not happy and snidely said, “Let me tell you something. I’ll be absent as f**k if…” before Shawn interrupted this time.

He told her, “You said it yourself at the beginning of this conversation.”

Amber continued to talk over Shawn again, saying, “I’ll be absent if it keeps her away from s**t she doesn’t f***ing need to be around. I’ll be absent. But I’m not absent. I still was in her life.”

Amber started pointing her finger at Shawn when she said, “I was there every single week, a couple times a week or every other mother f***ing week and if I wasn’t there it was because I was sick.”

Shawn suggested that Leah wasn’t getting the attention she needs from Amber

Shawn insinuated that Leah doesn’t feel as though she’s getting enough attention from her mom. Amber interrupted yet again and claimed, “But she is now…”

Shawn disclosed that he heard from Gary that Leah had mentioned that she wanted to do something with Amber without cameras filming.

Amber got animated and claimed that she did arrange to spend time with Leah without the cameras there.

Shawn said that maybe Leah felt as though Amber’s efforts weren’t “good enough” and told her that it was up to her as the mom to “come up with a solution for that.”

Amber blamed Gary and Kristina for not doing ‘their part’ in arranging time with Leah

Amber cut off her brother yet again and said, “Guess what? I’ve already been there without the cameras. I’ve already done all that and they can keep running their f***ing mouths behind my back. They can keep doing that. That’s what’s going on,” taking a jab at Leah’s dad and stepmom.

She continued to shout over Shawn, who was trying to speak: “Gary and Kristina did not do their part is all I gotta say. They did not do their part on what they had said to her. They told her lies on some things.”

Despite how Amber portrayed Gary and Kristina, they’ve done a lot to help smooth things over. They even offered for Amber to move onto their property to be closer to Leah.

Shawn Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Shawn and Amber face-timed about Leah. Pic credit: MTV

Shawn tried to explain to Amber that even if Gary were trying to influence Leah, it will take a lot of work to “make up for 12 years” of less-than-perfect parenting.

Amber continued her tirade, “You think I’m a f***ing idiot or something over here?”

Amber got defensive and loud when it came to what she wanted to say to Leah

Amber once again tried to paint a picture that she was present for most of Leah’s life.

She said, “I want her to understand, don’t look at your f***ing mother and say, ‘I don’t have a bond with you.”

Shawn made some valid points that Amber didn’t want to hear. Due to jail time, boyfriends coming in and out of her life, and custody issues, Amber has missed a lot of Leah’s life.

Her behavior has gotten enough attention that Teen Mom OG fans are calling for Amber to be fired from the show.

Luckily, Leah has Gary and Kristina to lean on for support, despite what Amber has to say about the couple. And she’s become a smart young lady who won’t be easy manipulated.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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