Alexis Bellino slammed as ‘cringy’ and ‘classless’ ahead of probable RHOC return

Alexis Bellino selfie
Alexis Bellino isn’t winning over critics with her posts about John Janssen. Pic credit: @alexis_bellino/Instagram

Oh, how the tides in Orange County are changing.

Season 18 is filming, and reports suggest Alexis Bellino is joining the cast after a surprise appearance at BravoCon in November.

It’s been quite some time since “Jesus Jugs” has been on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and given her current love life situation, not bringing her back to film wouldn’t be wise.

After Shannon Beador’s split from John Janssen following Season 17 wrapping, things spiraled out of control for the RHOC star. After her DUI arrest in September, she and John ended their friendship, and he moved on — with Alexis.

To add to the juicy drama in the OC, Tamra Judge repaired her friendship with Alexis, and the two have been cordial since being at BravoCon together. Tamra is no longer part of the Tres Amigas, leaving her at odds with Shannon as they begin to film Season 18.

Alexis has showcased her love for John on social media, and some RHOC viewers aren’t here for the “cringy” moments.

Alexis Bellino slammed as ‘cringy’ and ‘classless’

The last several months have been a rollercoaster for Alexis Bellino. Her mom passed away, and her engagement ended, leading to a particularly tough back half of 2023.

She confirmed her relationship with John Janssen not long ago, and now, she is professing her love for him all over social media.

Her recent share introduces John’s dog, Banks, though many The Real Housewives of Orange County fans already know the dog from his time on the show with Shannon Beador.

The comment section of her share was lit up with disdain for her over-the-top posts about her love for John.

One critic wrote, “Why do I feel this is more about Shannon than Banks??🤔 cringe!”

Someone else reminded her that RHOC viewers already know Banks, saying, “Gurl! We’ve already met Banks via Shannon when they were at John’s filming. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

RHOC viewers slam Alexis Bellino
Pic credit: @alexis_bellino/Instagram

Another wrote, “I don’t mind y’all together but stop trying to rub it in peoples faces it’s classless.”

There were also questions about what would happen when he left her for the next housewife and jokes about Brooks Ayers being available.

RHOC have questions for Alexis Bellino.
Pic credit: @alexis_bellino/Instagram

Will Alexis Bellino return to RHOC?

There has been no definitive answer on whether Alexis Bellino is back with an orange in her hand.

The potential to add her outweighs the decision to overlook the drama it could bring, especially with the Shannon Beador versus Tamra Judge angle.

Alexis has the potential to stir things up if she chooses to join the show, and despite John Janssen insisting to Shannon that he didn’t like the spotlight, we think that isn’t the entire truth.

Filming for Season 18 is underway, and we’ll watch to see if and when Alexis pops up.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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