Alexander Bentley from Love After Lockup has been arrested again

Alexander Bentley
Love After Lockup’s Alexander Bentley has been arrested again in Elk Grove, CA. Pic credit: WE TV

Alexander Bentley from Love After Lockup has been arrested for the third time since the show aired, this time it was for an open warrant.

On Monday, May 31, Alexander was arrested in Elk Grove, California when a resident called for police help of an unknown nature. The police ended up running Alexander’s background and found out he had a warrant out for his arrest. He is currently being held without bail in the Sacramento County Jail.

Since being released from prison on Season 2 of Love After Lockup, Alexander has not been able to stay out of trouble.

He had a conniving and mean attitude while on the show, attempted to cheat on his fiance Glorieta, and made no strides at doing better for himself.

This is Alexander’s third arrest since Love After Lockup

He first went back to jail in November of 2019 when he got pulled over for not having registration and the cops found a firearm, ammunition, and drugs; he got 9 felonies for that bust.

Back in February of 2021 he was arrested for shoplifting and possessing burglary tools and was a no show to his court hearing in April, hence the warrant out for his arrest.

With this latest arrest, he has been deemed ineligible for bail.

Alexander Bentley was arrested again on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court for previous charges. Pic credit:

Alexander and Glorieta had many problems that they couldn’t end up overcoming once Alex was released from prison. Among them were his Muslim religion, Glorieta’s mom’s hatred of Alex, and Alex not being over his ex-girlfriend.

There is a new season of Love After Lockup coming out this month

The level of drama that viewers witnessed between Alexander and Glorieta is the same kind that viewers can expect from this new season of Love After Lockup.

Season 4 of Love After Lockup will feature six new couples as they navigate their lives together after one of them gets released from prison. The previous 3 seasons have been filled with must-watch drama that is on a greater scale than most other reality TV shows.

The couples and individuals in relationships with the felons will have to deal with parole restrictions, possible fraud attempts, disapproval from friends and family, and finances. There will be plenty of tense, bizarre, shocking, and outrageous moments to come from the upcoming season of Love After Lockup.

Love After Lockup premieres June 18th, 2021, on WE TV.

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