Aesha Scott talks struggle to find her place among Below Deck Med Season 5 cast

Aesha Scott opens up about challenges of joining Below Deck Med Season 5 cast.
It wasn’t easy for Aesha to find her place with The Wellington crew amid all the drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Aesha Scott is talking about the struggle she had to find her place among the Below Deck Meditteranean Season 5 cast.

The second stew came in after Hannah Ferrier was fired, Tom Checketts had just replaced chef Kiko Loran, and Bugsy Drake was promoted to chief stew. It was an intense time for the crew and an awkward situation for Aesha to walk into.

Aesha recently got candid regarding what it was like to join Below Deck Med amid all the chaos and dished details about her cast members.

The struggle is real

By the time Aesha came aboard, tight bonds and couples already formed. Everyone except Peter Hunziker, who was edited out of Bravo show, was in a couple or at least flirting like a couple.

Aesha felt like the odd man out not just because of the couples but also the cast attitudes. Fans of the show know Aesha has no filter. It turns out that it was not a good fit for The Wellington crew.

“You’re always used to meeting new people and all that kind of thing, so I find that really easy to slip into crews. But whatever reason this season, the crew I just found they just had the s**tiest banter and, like, I couldn’t really have like any good back and forth with anyone,” Aesha shared with Entertainment Tonight.

The second stew isn’t sure what it was about the Season 5 cast’s personalities, but they were hard for her to mesh with. Aesha has been temping in the yachting world for the past couple of years, so joining a crew mid-charter season is no big deal.

It doesn’t usually take her long to find her groove with the crew. Sadly, that was not the case when she joined the Below Deck Mediterranean cast for a second time. The struggle even caused Aesha to drunk cry on the recent episode as she felt like an outsider and was homesick too.

Making a couple of friends

Aesha’s smile and fun-loving personality did win over the cast. She managed to form a couple of bonds, especially with Rob Westergaard and Alex Radcliffe.


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Below Deck Med has focused on airing Aesha’s chats with Rob over Alex to add another layer to the disaster that is Jess and Rob’s relationship. In her defense, Aesha claims she was clueless that Jess was jealous of her for a long time.

Aesha shared though she had a much better repour with Alex than Rob. The reason Aesha feels that is not shown is that Bugsy was not jealous. She also insists there was nothing romantic with either Rob or Alex. Aesha declares they are like brothers to her, nothing else.

One person fans know Aesha did not bond with his chef Tom. His cucumber tantrum made Aesha realize she didn’t need to be anything but professional with Tom. There was no need to get personal with him.

Although she struggled to bond with the Below Deck Med Season 5 cast the way she did Season 4, Aesha Scott does not regret returning to the Bravo show. Hopefully, fans will learn more for Aesha and her bond with the crew at the reunion show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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