Below Deck Med: Aesha Scott reacts to chef Tom Checketts’ cucumber tantrum and food quality

Aesha Scott has strong opinions on Below Deck Mediterranean costar Tom Checketts.
Aesha’s thoughts on Tom are surprising after his recent Below Deck Mediterranean tantrum. Pic credit: Bravo

Aesha Scott has shared her thoughts on chef Tom Checketts’ cucumber tantrum on Below Deck Mediterranean. She even revealed whether or not Tom’s quality of food was worth all the drama he brought onto The Wellington.

A guest asked for chopped cucumber with olive oil and salt. Captain Sandy Yawn found the guest in the galley, looking for the chef. Tom lost his mind when Captain Sandy interrupted his downtime, snuggling and getting frisky with his girlfriend, Malia White.

The chef was angry because he felt literally any other crew member could have cut up a cucumber so Tom could have a break.

Venting to his frustration to Aesha

Tom chose to unleash his frustration to Aesha, simply because she happened to walk into the galley shortly after the cucumber drama went down.

She was told he was taking care of the cucumber situation. When Aesha offered Tom a sympathetic “I’m Sorry,” Tom freaked out on her saying she didn’t need to apologize.

The moment was intense and left Aesha in tears after Tom expressed that he was not pissed at the second stew. She reacted to the incident during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 After Show.

“None of it was my fault. I literally had no idea what was going on,” she shared.

“We were having our jiujitsu lesson, and then obviously the girls happened to go at that time to ask for a snack, and it was all f**king Captain Sandy. She’s the one that went down there and woke Tom up and rah-rah. I literally had nothing to do with it. And then I’m the one that has to get the full f**king fury of him.”

Aesha also expressed she tried really hard not to cry, but the moment was so shocking the tears just started flowing. Tom even agreed that his anger was misdirected during the after-show, and it was not Aesha’s fault.

What does Aesha think of Tom?

The meltdown completely changed Aesha’s view of Tom. It shined a light on him that made it clear to Aesha she needed to keep her distance from the chef.

“I was like this is past just being an a**hole; this is just someone that I don’t really want to be around kind of thing,” Aesha declared. “So, from that moment on, I was just like I’m gonna be a professional with this guy, but I don’t really want anything to do with him.”

Despite Tom’s meltdown and Aesha saying she wanted to distance herself from the chef, Aesha does think his food is worth all the drama. She expressed to Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live that Tom’s food quality was a 10. Tom’s food is delicious, Aesha reiterated.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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