Aaron Clancy admits to getting nervous, ‘slamming cocktails’ on first date

Aaron Clancy drinking a cocktail in Miami
Former Bachelorette contestant Aaron Clancy posted photos of him chugging cocktails before a first date. Pic credit: @aaronrclancy/Instagram

Although old-fashioned’s are more of a “sipping” cocktail, Aaron Clancy posted himself chugging one down before a first date.

The former Bachelorette contest and Bachelor in Paradise alumni posted recent photos from his trip to Miami, Florida.

Aaron said he was ‘kinda nervous’ for his first date

Aaron posted two photos to his Instagram on Wednesday in a striped, button-down polo at the Miami restaurant Wayku.

The first photo showed the former contestant smiling directly at the camera, cocktail in hand, while the second showed him “slamming” it down.

“First date…kinda nervous *starts slamming cocktails*,” Aaron wrote in the caption of his post.

Although some followers inquired about who Aaron was on a first date with, others pieced together that he may have just been joking. Aaron and his Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise buddy, James Bonsall, previously posted that they were on the Miami trip together.

Aaron later confirmed on his Instagram story that he was at Wayku with James while showcasing the South American fusion cuisine from the restaurant.

Instagram story from Aaron at Wayku restaurant
Pic credit: @aaronrclancy/Instagram

The Bachelor in paradise ‘bromance’ between Aaron and James

Although neither of them may have found their “forever love” during the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise, James and Aaron’s bromance was one that has surely carried on.

Their undeniable friendship blossomed throughout the season, and during the finale, the two decided to “ride off into the sunset” together all the way back to San Diego.

Aaron hopped on James’ back, and James declared in a post that he was grateful to have found a “brother for life.”

Other followers also noticed that it was most likely James who Aaron was with and figured he was being sarcastic in his latest caption by referring to their dinner as a “first date.”

“Have fun with James tonight,” one user commented on his post.

Comment on Aaron's Instagram post
Pic credit: @aaronrclancy/Instagram

Another user jokingly wrote, “I thought you and James had your first date a while ago?! I can’t accept anything less.”

Another comment on Aaron's Instagram
Pic credit: @aaronrclancy/Instagram

@beautifulcreature419 wrote, “@aaronrclancy @jamesbonsall_ I think you need to forget the ladies & date each other. I ship you two so hard.”

Comment for Aaron and James to date each other
Pic credit: @aaronrclancy/Instagram

Whether Aaron was on an actual first date or was playing around with his Instagram followers, it’s safe to assume fans of the two were happy to see them continuing to keep their friendship just as strong as it was on the show.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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