The Bachelorette feud: What is the issue between Aaron Clancy and Cody Menk?

Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette premiere
Contestants Aaron and Cody got into a heated argument on The Bachelorette premiere but everyone is wondering why Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette kicked off this week and the premiere did not disappoint. One interaction between two of the contestants, however, has left fans scratching their heads in confusion.

As the men attempted their creative introductions in hopes of making a great first impression on Katie, they started mingling inside and getting to know each other.

Two of the contestants, however, appeared to have an issue with one another and it seemed to come out of nowhere.

As the men were talking and getting to know each other over drinks, contestants Aaron Clancy and Cody Menk began to argue with one another.

Aaron said to Cody, “I don’t like you, bro. Like, I’ve never liked you. And that’s fine. We don’t have to talk at all. And it’s not my fault I don’t like you.”

Cody responded and said, “Well, you don’t like me, so that is your fault.”

Aaron shot back, “I’m literally just telling you exactly what’s up.”

Cody ended the back and forth by saying, “All right, I don’t agree with anything you said. I don’t think there was a need for that at all.”

The confrontation left Bachelor Nation in a state of confusion as there was no indication of anything going on between the two of them that would have started a feud.

What is the issue between Aaron and Cody?

Bachelor Nation has been dying to figure out what the issue was between Aaron and Cody.

On the Here for the Right Reasons podcast, it was reported by a source that Aaron and Cody share mutual friends in San Diego, where they both live.

The source explained that they “have seen each other in town” but hadn’t had any apparent issues prior to the show.

Another source blamed Cody’s blow up doll that he showed up with during his introduction to Katie as the reason the fight started.

Aaron allegedly didn’t agree with Cody’s intentions and wasn’t fond of his choice to bring a blow up doll along with him.

While neither Aaron nor Cody have confirmed the reason for their blowout, the drama is sure to continue between the two of them as the season progresses.

Bachelor Nation had some funny reactions to Aaron and Cody’s argument

While the true reason behind Aaron and Cody’s fight during the premiere remains a little unclear, Bachelor Nation had some funny reactions to their altercation.

Fans posted hilarious memes to emphasize the confusion they felt as the two contestants suddenly started arguing without any context.

Katie Thurston herself even added to the humor and shared that she had no idea there was drama between them on the first night and didn’t understand where it came from.

While Bachelor Nation was able to find humor in the situation, it’s likely we will all learn more about why Aaron and Cody don’t like each other as the season continues.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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