James Bonsall reveals his reaction to Aaron Clancy pursuing Tia Booth

Bachelor alum James Bonsall revealed how he felt about his friend pursuing Tia Booth on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

While most Bachelor in Paradise fans were blindsided to see the connection of Aaron Clancy and Tia Booth blossom at the Paradise Prom, James Bonsall revealed he wasn’t.

Despite receiving his rose from Tia, James disclosed how he really felt about his “brother” Aaron pursuing the Arkansas native.

James Bonsall revealed how he felt about Aaron Clancy pursuing Tia Booth

In a conversation with Becca Kufrin and Tia herself on Bachelor Happy Hour, James opened up about the candid moment in Mexico.

In regards to Tia, “There’s no hard feelings there because Tia and I were both aware that we were kind of fizzling out at that point.”

“The rose that she gave me was more of, I won’t call it a friendship rose but just an acknowledgment of yes, I know you’re here for the right reasons,” said the 31-year-old.

With Tia on the line to confirm, the software salesman added, “So I think it was an understanding of that, you know, we were kind of going our separate ways.”

James Bonsall also revealed a prior conversation between them took place earlier that night

While Aaron pulling Tia aside at the prom was a shock for most viewers, it wasn’t for James.

Revealing a conversation prior took place with Aaron the night of the prom, his friend approached him and explained, “Hey, look, you know, Tia and I, we kind of started as friends, we get along, but I’m starting to develop something beyond that, like are you okay with that?”

Adding he was more than happy to step aside for his friend, “Aaron’s, you know, like a brother to me and I want what’s best for him, I want him to find love, so he came to me, and I was more than happy to kind of have him pursue that.”

“I think him and Tia would be a great match,” he concluded.

While Aaron chose to have a conversation with James that night, Becca asked James why Aaron didn’t show the same respect to his current partner, Chelsea Vaughn.

“It made it really uncomfortable for me,” Tia added.

James is in agreeance with most Bachelor in Paradise viewers as he admitted, “In hindsight, I think maybe Aaron, you know, he should’ve done that.”

Tune in tonight for the steamy finale to Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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