A Survivor final three is better than a final two and here’s why

Survivor 46 Ben
Ben Katzman made it to the final three on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 recently ended with three people hoping for jury votes.

And while only two people got votes, it doesn’t mean the show should revert to a final two.

For the New Era, one person wins the final Immunity Challenge and gets to choose a second person to join them in the final three.

The Immunity Challenge winner must also decide which two people battle in a Fire-Making Challenge.

It leads to three people sitting at the end for the eight-person jury to vote on.

Some Survivor fans feel that only two people in front of the jury would be a better solution.

Why it’s better to have a final three than a final two

When Survivor has a final three, it usually ensures that two deserving candidates have made it to the end. There could still be an obvious one-sided choice by the jury, but at least they must mull their votes.

The Survivor 46 jury appeared to have a difficult choice. There were arguments about why Charlie Davis or Kenzie Petty deserved to win. And it made for interesting television, even if many Charlie supporters didn’t like the outcome.

Had Ben won a final three challenge, it likely would have led to a 9-0 vote with either Kenzie or Charlie winning, depending on Ben’s choice.

Had Kenzie or Charlie won a final three challenge, they would have taken Ben to the end. That would have also likely yielded a 9-0 vote.

If the challenge winner at the final three gets the power to select who sits next to them, most players choose the weaker player. That’s just a good strategy to win the $1 million prize.

Sure, some players would want to sit next to the best player at the end, but that’s not a good game move, and it would rarely happen in the New Era of Survivor.

Keeping it a final three ensures a more competitive ending, even if there is a clear favorite.

More news from Survivor 46 and beyond

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