A second Big Brother 25 showmance has fans entranced

Julie Chen Moonves Back For BB25
Julie Chen Moonves returned to host Big Brother 25 in Summer 2023. Pic credit: Julie Holland/CBS

A new Big Brother showmance is drawing the eyes of many live feed viewers.

The relationship between Jared Fields and Blue Kim is well-known, but a second showmance has surfaced within the BB25 cast.

America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger are having lots of fun getting to know each other, and the cuddle sessions give them much joy.

America even admitted to Izzy Gleicher that she has a crush on Cory. Though he sometimes seems oblivious to her advances.

The result of this pairing has been a cute relationship. And it has fans rooting for Cory and America on social media.

Cory (a 21-year-old college student from Florida) and America (a 27-year-old medical receptionist from New York) haven’t had much screen time on episodes due to other dramatic characters. That could change as they continue surviving on Big Brother 25.

Moments from the Cory and America showmance on Big Brother 25

In the clip below, America talks to Izzy about her feelings for Cory.

This discussion happened after Cory got called to the Diary Room, giving the women a moment to discuss him.

“I love Cory. He’s cute. He’s growing on me just a little bit,” America told Izzy with a big smile.

Another cute conversation between America and Cory took place on the backyard hammock. Based on America’s comment about Cory’s heart beating fast, he enjoyed spending time with her.

As for Cory’s side of things, he has mentioned America during Diary Room sessions on episodes. And in the clip below, he briefly chats with Izzy about enjoying his cuddling time with America.

In a conversation from earlier this season, Cory and America laughed about how attractive Matt Klotz has been this season. It’s another conversation showing their comfort together.

More news from Big Brother 25

While Cory and America are getting closer, the other BB25 showmance has gotten messy.

Readers should be aware that some spoilers are presented in the rest of this article.

Early on the morning of August 27, Jared Fields told Blue Kim his secret. It is going to cause chaos if Cirie Fields catches wind of things.

Jared and Blue have gotten much closer over the past week, even while Cirie feels Blue is bad for her son.

And the Week 4 veto results on Big Brother 25 will add more fuel to the fire.

More drama will also come from the Big Brother superpower fans are voting on.

Big Brother 25 airs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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