A petition has been started by 90 Day Fiance fans to remove Big Ed from TLC

Big Ed
Big Ed’s abhorrent behavior and the public accusations against him have sparked a petition from fans to urge TLC to remove him from the network Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans have started a petition to get TLC to remove Big Ed from their network amid his ongoing predatory behavior and sexual assault allegation.

Big Ed has had haters since his original time on Before the 90 Days and the community of people who think his behavior is dangerous and abhorrent has only grown since then.

Many feel like he takes creepy to the next level with the kind of women he goes after, and his abusive tactics in his relationship with Liz have garnered harsh criticism.

90 Day Fiance fans felt strongly enough to begin a petition to get Ed off of their TVs and to stop him from appearing in any further spinoffs.

The petition to remove Big Ed from TLC has grown

The campaign to urge TLC to remove Ed from their network has a goal of 15,000 signatures and it is already up at around 14,000.

Ed’s ex-girlfriend Liz has been promoting the petition through her Instagram stories and profile. Many people who have signed the petition are 90 Day Fiance fans who want TLC to break their habit of giving questionable people a platform to continue their bad behavior.

Liz shares petition to get Big Ed off the show
Big Ed’s ex-girlfriend Liz has been advocating for people to take a look at and sign the petition to remove Ed from TLC Pic credit: @e_92_marie/Instagram

The petition alleges that among other lewd and predatory behavior, Big Ed has sent sexually suggestive and harassing pictures to previous and current 90 Day Fiance cast members, was a perpetrator of sex tourism during his visit to the Philippines and that his proclivity towards much younger women is sickening.

Big Ed’s behavior on the Tell All sparked more new haters

At the 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life Tell All, Big Ed was trying to be very manipulative towards Liz while gaslighting his fellow castmates. His gross and abusive tendencies were in full view and everyone but Liz sided against him.

After the Tell All, fans reacted very strongly to Ed’s bad behavior and expressed their frustration for what Liz had to go through. Liz has since broken up with Ed, despite their rekindling at the Tell All, and is actively trying to expose him now.

It is up to TLC on what happens next and whether they want to keep the morally ambiguous Big Ed on TV for the higher ratings.

90 Day Fiance: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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