90 Day Fiancé’s Julia Trubkina was a go-go dancer, not a stripper — Here is the difference

Julia from 90 Day Fiance
Julia defended her professional dancing and let fans know how it is not stripping. Pic credit: TLC

During Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All, Julia’s previous experience as a go-go dancer was brought up, which sparked debate about the difference between a go-go dancer and a stripper.

Julia was very familiar with the misconception that people have about go-go dancers and how they usually take the title to mean exotic dancing.

She made it clear that she wants viewers to understand that she was not a stripper and wants to be merited for her accomplishments as a professional dancer.

Some of the other cast members, including her husband Brandon and mother-in-law Betty, admitted to thinking that her job as a dancer meant she was a stripper without a doubt.

The difference between go-go dancing and stripping is important to Julia

Julia acknowledged that people are usually going to think the worst and take the word ‘dancer’ to connotate stripping. She did sincerely want people to understand, however, that she is not a stripper.

In professional go-go dancing, Julia does wear tiny clothes, but the dancing is done in more expensive and upscale bars and clubs as the setting. She also brought up the fact that she has been in competitions for dancing as well.

Go-go dancers don’t do lap dances or use poles and they don’t dance for tips. The often entertain crowds of both men and women together and their purpose is to get those in the club in a dancing mood and to get them out on the dance floor.

Julia understands concerns that people might think go-go dancing is not a nice occupation and even said her friends back home thought badly about her dancing career when she started because they didn’t understand exactly what she was doing.

Julia and Brandon from 90 Day Fiance
Julia said her friends thought badly about her choice to dance. Pic credit: TLC

Yara chimed in to say that people will always talk s*** because you look good, or that they are jealous.

Julia declared that dancing is hard work and that she admires what strippers do. The other cast members agreed with Julia that stripping and dancing, in general, is hard work and requires talent.

During an interview with Brandon’s parents, host Shaun Robinson asked whether some of the rules they instituted in the house, like keeping them in separate bedrooms, was because of their viewpoint on her dancing that they maybe thought was stripping. But Brandon’s Mom, Betty, denied that assertion and said it was more about the unmarried couple principle.

Fans will be seeing more of Julia in Happily Ever After

Julia and Brandon will be starring in the upcoming season of Happily Ever After as they navigate life as newlyweds.

During the Tell All, they announced that they were, in fact, still at the farm in his parents’ house, which has been a point of contention since the beginning of this season. Viewers are very interested in finding out about the new drama that will surely take place on the farm with Brandon’s parents.

With crazy hot tub times, a pregnancy scare, and many squabbles at the forefront of their time on Season 8, their appearance on Happily Ever After will be interesting for fans of the couple and show.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? will premiere Sunday, April 25 at 8/7c on TLC.

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Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
2 years ago

There are literally pictures of her on the very first episode of this season dancing on a pole. She may have been a gogo dancer, but she also pole danced.