90 Day Fiance: Yara and her mom appeared on Ukrainian reality TV

Yara Zaya
90 Day Fiance viewers dug up a scene from a Ukrainian reality TV show that features Yara and her mom. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 90 Day Fiance is not the first reality TV show Yara was a part of, as she and her mom appeared on a Ukrainian reality show about Yara finding a foreign man.

Yara looks drastically different in the video clip from the show uncovered by 90 Day Fiance sleuths. One person was able to translate what was being said, and onlookers gave their opinions.

It seems that Yara has been climbing the reality TV show ladder and Jovi is the latest man to be along for the ride.

One viewer translated the scene while others gave their opinions

The Ukrainian reality show seemed to focus on Yara’s mom and how she feels about Yara being in a relationship with a foreign man.

According to a viewer who speaks Ukrainian, Yara’s mom was saying, “that she is very much against Yara dating a foreigner. Because she felt in love with a foreign man when she was young. This man broke her heart, and she was never able to build a happy relationship after that. She wants her daughter to be happy, not to repeat her mistakes, and not to date foreign men.”

One person made the point that Yara previously said on Happily Ever After? that she didn’t want to show her mom because she didn’t want her to be in the spotlight, but that seems contradictory now.

The person making the point said, “Okay, so I’m curious…..she just said she doesn’t want to show her mom because she’s so sensitive and can’t deal with online bullying, so I wonder what happened ???”

Other onlookers remarked at how different Yara looked before getting a lot of plastic surgery. One person didn’t even recognize that it was Yara in the video.

One critic who was surprised by the way Yara looked said, “Holy mother of f*****g surgeries!! Yara got a whole new face! Hopefully, she got her mom some nee teeth now w those TLC checks.”

IG comments about Yara
Yara’s critics weighed in on the video showing Yara and her mom on a Ukrainian reality TV show. Pic credit: @fappywetsock/Instagram

Yara’s attitude and treatment of Gwen has been annoying viewers

Yara’s whining and complaining have gotten worse since being on Happily Ever After?, and 90 Day viewers have noticed and are annoyed by it.

Yara treats Jovi’s mom Gwen disrespectfully and is unappreciative, which viewers are also angry about because Gwen is beloved in the 90 Day Fiance community.

Jovi will coming home from work soon and viewers hope that Yara’s attitude will get better after she gets her partner back.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
2 years ago

Yara has been faking tears, says she wants independence from everyone, yet threatens Jovi about not being with her. She is fake, fake, fake.