90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto reveals the best feedback she received about her fart jars

Stephanie Matto reveals the best compliment she has received from a recipient of her fart jars.
Stephanie Matto reveals the best feedback she’s received. Pic credit: @stepankamatto/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto was recently interviewed and disclosed the best feedback that she had received from one of her fart jar recipients.

A fan told Stephanie Matto he waited his whole life for her fart in a jar

Stephanie Matto was once in the business of selling her own farts in a jar at $1000 per jar, which made her over $200,000 in sales. 

With that type of success, it was fitting for someone to ask Stephanie what the best feedback she received about her product was. 

When the host of the Unmentionable podcast asked Stephanie what the best feedback she had received from any of the jar fart recipients was, Stephanie said “Well! I mean one guy said he’s been waiting like his whole life for this.” 

During the interview, the host went on to joke about how he loved that the recipient stated that he had been waiting his whole life as if the fan was just wishing that one day he would receive a jar of farts from Stephanie in particular, or even just from a pretty girl.

Stephanie Matto’s “fart in a jar” career was short-lived

Earlier this year in January, Stephanie was rushed to the hospital from what she thought were heart troubles.

However, the star discovered that her discomfort was a product of indigestion from her newly found diet used to fuel her business venture.

After Stephanie had the hospital scare, she soon ended her fart in a jar career.

Stephanie Matto’s mental health suffered after fans criticized her business

Although Stephanie received great feedback from one of the recipients of her jars, not everyone was as thrilled about Stephanie and her business venture. 

After Stephanie returned from the hospital, she gave up her very profitable business of farting in a jar, but then was scrutinized by the media, which ultimately lead her to struggle with her mental health.

Stephanie had disclosed that she had been getting death threats and hateful messages on a daily basis and that the messages she had received were impacting her mental health. 

Although Stephanie’s fart in a jar career did not end as she expected, the hospital scare ultimately lead her to a new business venture of selling fart jar candles

Stephanie made sure not to let her fans down and created a new line of fart jar candles. Her fans were therefore able to get a similar experience but at a portion of the cost of her original farts in a jar.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus. 

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