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90 Day Fiance spoilers: Big Ed reveals current relationship status with Rose — Will they ever be friends?

Big Ed has new about his romance with Rose.
Before the 90 Days Tell All reveals if Rosie and Ed are even friends. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance spoiler alert! Big Ed Brown is spilling his current relationship status with Rose Vega, including whether or not these two are friends.

Oh yes, there is big news dropping from one of the most talked-about people of the season.

TLC got creative to give fans a 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Season 4 Tell All special. Last weekend the network had host Shaun Robinson speak with couples from the season remotely to give relationship updates and answer fans’ most burning questions.

Unfortunately for TLC, there was a production snafu, and some juicy information from day two of filming was leaked. One of the leaks includes a video clip of Big Ed dishing about his time with Rose.

Big Ed and Rose relationship status

It will come as no surprise to 90 Day Fiance fans that Big Ed and Rose are not together. Their relationship was filled with drama from the beginning.

In the footage, Big Ed does spill to Shaun that Rose did come back to him for a hot second around Valentine’s Day.

However, Big Ed does say that Rose is mad at him right now. He blames the way he handled certain situations, like Rose’s breath, for her anger toward him.

Big Ed didn’t share in the clip what caused them to break up after reconciling.

Will Big Ed and Rose ever be friends?

Shaun asked Big Ed if he and Rose would ever be friends. He does want to be friends with Rose. If Rose is mad at him again, the odds of them becoming friends is slim.

Despite all the drama in his relationship with Rose, Big Ed does not regret the journey. He reveals that he even wrote her a text wishing Rose and her son nothing but the best.

The relationship did not end the way Big Ed had hoped, but it also didn’t turn him off love.

Right now, Big Ed says he wants to focus on himself. He does in the future, though, hope to fall in love again. The romance with Rose didn’t destroy him.

Rose was not featured in the leaked video clip. It was only Shaun and Big Ed talking. Now that doesn’t mean Rose won’t make an appearance at some point. She has been vlogging though and has vowed to tell her side of the story in time.

Big Ed Brown is no longer with Rose Vega but is hopeful they will be friends one day.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 thoughts on “90 Day Fiance spoilers: Big Ed reveals current relationship status with Rose — Will they ever be friends?”

  1. I am proud of Rose. She stood up for herself. Ed is selfish, rude, and cheap. All he was worried about was that she wanted his money. He does not realize that lying about not wanting a baby is a deal breaker. Rose was right, why didn’t he tell her that before he got there. What did he think she was so desperate she would do anything to get yo the US. Rose taught him a good lesson.

  2. First of all Ed makes me sick .How dare he always questioning rose. All I have ever seen is Ed disrespecting humiliating and being a very insensitive You know there is ways to do things without being so insensitive for example what about a nice gift bag with Bubble bath different types of bath soaps facemask Bath sponges toothpaste toothbrushes mouthwash shavers and just spice it up a little maybe some nice smelling perfume Maybe Some of her favorite items it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that out

  3. Ed thinks he is such a great catch – oh, please! He needs to take a good look in a mirror! How would he feel if someone treated him the way he treated Rose!?! He should have told her he didn’t want children BEFORE he went to visit her! She had told him she wanted more kids! And he’s been single for 28 years? What a shocker! Definitely NOT the kind of man a woman would ever say “Stand back, ladies, he’s all mine!”
    Rose is a beautiful, sweet person & I wish her all the luck in the world. I hope she finds the right guy for her and her son.


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