90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith lashes out at Instagram user who commented on his relationship with Tiffany

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Ronald Smith.
Ronald faced harsh criticism from fans in his latest Instagram post before turning off comments. Pic credit: TLC

The current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is proving to be a struggle for Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco.

Although the couple has faced several obstacles before this season, it’s clear that tensions are proving difficult to overcome. With Ronald still residing in South Africa and Tiffany adamant that the children be raised in America, they’ve struggled to stay on the same page when it comes to moving forward.

90 Day Fiance fans aren’t going easy on him either. In fact, fans have been highly critical of Ronald for not remaining more involved in the children’s lives. Ronald and Tiffany share a daughter, Carley, 2, and Tiffany has a son, Daniel, 11, from a previous relationship.

Recently, Ronald shared pictures of Carley on his Instagram page. And similar to other posts, 90 Day Fiance fans took to the comment section with their opinions. Many supported Ronald, even going so far as to call him a great father, but others weren’t so kind to the 30-year-old.

Ronald lashes out at comment criticizing him

What was meant to be a sweet post gushing about his love for Carley and Daniel quickly turned sour when fans began calling Ronald out for not doing enough for his children.

One particular comment struck Ronald the wrong way and resulted in him lashing out at the commenter before turning off the post’s comment section altogether.

Although the comment in question was quickly deleted, Ronald opted to leave his response available to see, and he wasted no time in calling out the commenter for questioning him — especially when they don’t know him personally.

“Get out of here hahahaha what do you know?” Ronald began his response. “Who TF [the f**k] are you? Do you know me personally? No you don’t know s**t [but] want to judge from what you see on tv?”

Ronald continued to write that the follower had no right to judge him based solely on what is shown on television.

“Pffft grow up and use your head ok before you want to judge make sure you know THE WHOLE STORY not just the episode on tv ffs [for f**k sake],” he concluded.

Comment from Ronald Smith's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @ronaldsmith_tlc/Instagram

Ronald comes under fire for not taking his mock immigration interview seriously

Part of Ronald and Tiffany’s journey during the current season has been navigating Ronald’s immigration process.

In a recent episode, Tiffany went through the trouble of hiring an immigration lawyer to help prep Ronald for his upcoming immigration interview. However, instead of being helpful, the mock interview ended up being a disaster, and Tiffany blamed Ronald for not taking the interview seriously.

During a confessional Tiffany admitted, “I’m sitting here while the immigration lawyer kind of, like, mocks – mock interviews him [Ronald]. And he’s just bombing it.”

The interview left Tiffany worried that the real interview wouldn’t go well if Ronald couldn’t manage to handle a simple mock interview.

“Is this what it’s gonna be like when he goes to his actual interview? We’re screwed,” she concluded.

If Ronald can’t prove he’s serious about acing his immigration interview, it’s hard to say if the couple will be able to make their marriage work long term.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

I agree, Ronald should act a bit more serious in the interview, however, I’m with him on this….if he can’t come to the states, Miss Priss Tiffany, should haul her butt over to South Africa. If she really loves him, she will do that. Kids are resilient, they will be fine wherever they are, if they have good parents, and if everyone would remember before when Daniel was pitching hissy fits about moving to Africa, once he got there, he lived being with Ronald. Tiffany also tells that kid way too much adult business, like about gjbsnces…kids have no business knowing much of what she tells him. It’s Tiffany that’s being selfish by saying she won’t move there. She got the kid close to him, she bred another kid, so suck it up buttercup…go where your husband is if he can’t come here. And just because the kid whines all about not wanting to go, a kids tantrums should not dictate what the parents do!