90 Day Fiance recap: In the ring

Biniyam Shibre, Thais Ramone, and Miona Bell
This week’s episode left most of the 90 Day Fiance couples with unresolved issues. Pic credit: TLC

Pivotal moments in the relationships of the 90 Day Fiance couples happened during this week’s episode and led to a lot of stress and tension but also some breakthrough moments.

As the 90 Day cast members approached the midpoint of their 90 Day timeline, they were scrambling to work through some of their issues and hurdles. 

There are unresolved issues for the 90 Day Fiance couples

Jibri met his parents outside of their house and had an uncomfortable discussion that revealed his level of unhappiness in his relationship with Miona based on the control and pressure he was feeling from her.

Jibri’s parents said they would not attend Jibri and Miona’s beach wedding because they did not believe in what was happening and thought their plan was in poor taste to the rest of Jibri’s family.

When Jibri confronted Miona about the concerns he felt, Miona gave Jibri ultimatums and would not relent to try and improve the situation.

Emily took Kobe to a place she loved called Rock City but Kobe was unimpressed and thought it was weird.

Emily went wedding dress shopping with her mom, sister, and grandma and revealed that she had gotten her own wedding ring without Kobe knowing. She didn’t like the ring Kobe gave her in China and thought he wouldn’t buy her a nice one.

Emily’s mom and sister both said privately that Emily was putting pressure on Kobe and said that she had a lot of growing up to do.

Emily Bieberly
Emily got herself a wedding ring without Kobe knowing. Pic credit: TLC

Bilal and Shaeeda went to Atlanta, where Shaeeda went wedding dress shopping with Bilal’s sister Nefertari. Shaeeda confided in Nefertari about some of her relationship issues with Bilal including that he wouldn’t commit to having children.

Nefertari felt like Shaeeda and Bilal were not on the same page with their communication, but was adamant that she didn’t see some of the negative things that Shaeeda saw.

Bilal took Shaeeda on a date, but brought up the prenuptial agreement, which soured the whole occasion. Shaeeda was firmly against the prenup but Bilal had a lot of pushback against Shaeeda’s concerns.

Messy moments happened on 90 Day Fiance this week

Kara met up with her friend Tim to talk about what was going on in her life. She left Guillermo at home because he didn’t want to go out drinking and she didn’t force him to come.

Tim said that Kara had a big personality and was a lot to handle when he described her.

After hearing about her plans to get married so quickly he urged her to slow down and warned that her relationship could get messy since it was rushed and Kara and Guillermo’s communication was not great.

Kara Bass
Kara met up with a friend for drinks and to vent and get advice. Pic credit: TLC

Thais and Patrick went to a furniture store but Thais grew upset when Patrick wouldn’t let her buy anything she wanted.

They fought more back at their house about Thais wanting to know about Patrick’s finances and him not telling her.

Patrick said that since he made the money he had a majority say in how it was spent. When Thais resented that, Patrick threw his credit card and cash at her which made Thais angrier.

After they both cooled down, Patrick said he would try and include Thais in more decision-making and try to be less controlling. Thais said privately that she felt like Patrick was taking advantage of her.

Ariela apologized for overreacting about Biniyam having a female sparring partner, but made Biniyam promise to be more honest with her.

Later on, Ariela tried to talk Biniyam out of his first MMA fight, but he ended up going and winning quickly while Ariela and her mom watched.

Yve and Mohamed did not appear in this week’s episode.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c and Disovery+.

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