90 Day Fiance viewers think Thais is ‘another Larissa,’ take aim at her behavior

Larissa Lima and Thais Ramone
Thais Ramone is getting compared to Larissa Lima by 90 Day Fiance viewers because of her behavior. Pic credit: TLC

Thais Ramone appears to have rubbed 90 Day Fiance viewers the wrong way based on her behavior during the last episode, because they are comparing her to former cast member Larissa Lima.

Brazilian native Thais expressed disdain for the new house Patrick bought and found many things she didn’t like about it. She also remarked that it was too small despite Patrick reminding her it was bigger than their last house and anything she lived in in Brazil.

Many viewers found Thais to be ungrateful and problematic for her viewpoints so much so that she was called “another Larissa.”

Larissa Lima was a 90 Day franchise star and is also from Brazil. Her inflammatory and controversial conduct throughout her time on the show and its spinoffs earned her a bad reputation.

That reputation seems to now be transferring to Thais in viewers’ minds.

Thais Ramone is being compared to former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima

A meme was created by a popular 90 Day Fiance fan page that featured a stylized photo of Thais from the latest episode.

Above the picture was the description, “Thais fronts like Patrick’s house isn’t big enough for her….forgetting that we saw where she lived in Brazil.”

The caption read, “I have a feeling that the more we get to know Thais, the less pretty she’ll become.”

The comments section lit up with other 90 Day viewers who wanted to chime in with their thoughts on the topic.

One person jabbed, “I see another Larissa in the making.”

While another top comment read, “She was getting on my nerves saying OUR HOUSE like she financially contributed to anything!!! #ungrateful.”

Someone else questioned, “What’s up with these Brazilian chicas? They act very entitled from what I’ve seen so far.”

Yet another viewer shared, “I was so glad when he pointed out how he grew up and his humility shined through.”

Instagram comments about Thais Ramone
Pic credit: @90dayfiance_etc/Instagram

90 Day Fiance fans have a new pet to bring cuteness to the drama

On Thais’ first day in America, Patrick surprised her with a little Pomeranian puppy named Theodore, or Teodoro.

Theodore has appeared in every episode with Patrick and Thais so far and he even has his own Instagram account, @teodoro90dayfiance.

Theodore joins a bevy of other 90 Day Fiance pets that have won the hearts of viewers. However, he is the only pet that has appeared on Season 9 so far.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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