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90 Day Fiance recap: Getting to the bottom of the issues

Pic credit: TLC

This week, 90 Day Fiance saw the couples fired up, which led to some confrontations and also some resolve. Either way, episode 10, The Devils Work, did not disappoint for drama.

Couples Mike and Natalie, Yara and Jovi, and Tarik and Hazel are at the halfway point of their 90 day journey, while Stephanie and Ryan and Zied and Rebecca are at the beginning of their time together.

Andrew and Amira have 27 days left until Amira’s K-1 visa expires. Brandon and Julia were not included in this latest episode.

Some couples left in the lurch

Mike and Natalie’s bad communication was still apparent as Natalie pushed Mike to see a therapist with her. After shooting the idea down repeatedly, Mike eventually caved under pressure and the pair went to a session.

The visit ultimately proved to work against Natalie, as Mike revealed that he is no longer in love with her, leaving viewers curious about what that means for the rest of the 90 days.

Pic credit: TLC

Jovi and Yara, after finding out she was pregnant in last week’s episode, head down to Jovi’s parent’s house in the Louisiana bayou for an engagement party against Yara’s wishes. They decided not to tell Jovi’s parents about the pregnancy just yet.

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