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90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima’s new look gets mixed reviews

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima.
Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima received mixed reviews when she debuted a fun new look on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

If there’s one thing former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima is good at, it’s grabbing fans’ attention and polarizing their opinions. She has managed to do it yet again with the new look she debuted on Instagram.

Larissa has spent plenty of time (and money) on drastically altering her looks in the past couple of years. The procedures she has undergone have altered everything from her nose to her thighs and while she’s seemingly thrilled with the changes, others have wondered if she’s gone too far.

Regardless, the Brazilian bombshell’s increased confidence has helped her not only move on after being fired from 90 Day Fiance and find success on OnlyFans, but it’s also altered the content she shares on Instagram. In a recent post, Larissa posted a selfie that left fans divided once again.

Larissa debuts fun new look on Instagram

Taking her look to new “heights,” Larissa recently uploaded a selfie of her sporting a pilot costume, hat included.

In the photo, she stands at attention with her hand up to her head in a salute. Her long black hair flows down to mid-waist. But, of course, that isn’t the outstanding part of the photo. It’s Larissa’s cleavage that takes center stage instead.

In the caption, Larissa questioned, “Would you let me fly your plane?”

And while some responded with support, others were turned off by the post.

Fans are divided by Larissa’s post

As with many of her posts, fans flooded the comments section with polarized opinions on the look.

Plenty of fans and followers shared comments in support of the fun costume. There are plenty of heart and flame emojis suggesting that they find Larissa’s post to be smokin’ hot.

Others simply expressed their love for the former 90 Day Fiance cast member.

In response to the posts caption question of “Would you let me fly your plane,” one fan wrote that she’d rather do other things with Larissa.

“No…because I’d want to drink Moscato and watch true crime shows with you. We can get a handsome pilot and even more handsome flight attendant,” they wrote.

Screenshot of comment from Larissa Lima's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @larissalimareal/Instagram

But what would a Larissa Lima Instagram post be without some haters throwing shade? Many of the comments included simple “no” responses, while a few were more creative with their answers.

“Only if I had a death wish. Of course you have your floatation device already!” said one follower throwing shade at the 34-year-old.

Screenshot of comment from Larissa Lima's Instagram post.
Pic credit: @larissalimareal/Instagram

At this point, it seems that Larissa just ignores the haters and lets the shade slide since she continues to post her usual, cheeky content.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.