Larissa Lima calls out TLC for firing her from 90 Day Fiance and then re-airing her story

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima
Larissa Lima unleashes on TLC for re-airing her story after firing her from the franchise. Pic credit: TLC

Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima has called out TLC for re-airing her story after firing her from the franchise.

Larissa was featured in both Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance as well as the spinoff 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? with her ex-husband Colt Johnson.

Fans were drawn to their drama as the former couple attempted to build a successful relationship while living with Colt’s mother, Debbie.

However, Larissa and Debbie just couldn’t get along and engaged in several memorable fights over their time on the show.

Larissa’s legal drama also played out on the show, when she was arrested multiple times for domestic violence, which could have ended in her deportation.

After her divorce from Colt, Larissa began dating Eric Nichols, and they too struggled to make it work.

Despite all of the drama, it wasn’t her trouble with the law that ended up getting Larissa fired by TLC. Instead, it was her participation in an online lingerie show with CamSoda that landed her in hot water.

At the time, Larissa seemed to take her firing in stride, she even claimed that she made more with her OnlyFans account in a month than she ever did with the show.

But now, Larissa is lashing out at TLC for re-airing her story after they fired her.

Larissa lashes out at TLC for re-airing her story

Taking to her Instagram stories, Larissa laid into TLC for re-airing her story after firing her, pointing out the hypocrisy since they claimed she went against their “wholesome values”.

The Instagram story read, “Excuse me, TLC, I do not understand why you would want [to] air my storyline. I was after all not the image of wholesome values you ‘project’. As TLC would never feature anyone involved in any sort of adult entertainment.”

Larissa then called TLC out for being hypocrites.

“I took responsibility for showing my bare breasts, and accepted it for what it was; a threat, and then a dismissal. I accepted this from the same network that has aired some felons and adult entertainers. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing,” she continued.

Larissa concluded her rant by stating, “Now, you want to replay my story and make more money from it. You are showcasing it. What hypocrites you are. Once again, thank you for the emancipation from your network.”

She included the hashtag #SHAMEONYOUTLC

screenshot from Larissa's Instagram calling out TLC
Pic credit; @larissalimareal/Instagram

Larissa’s ex-husband is capitalizing on their relationship with new spinoff

Larissa’s rant comes on the heels of the announcement that her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, will be participating in a new special set to air on the new streaming service Discovery+.

The new special called 90 Day Journey Colt & Larissa & Jess, is set to hit the streaming service on January 4, 2021.

90 Day Fiance fans took to the comments with their opinions. Many of them also pointed out that Colt will be making more money off of Larissa’s name and their disastrous relationship.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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