90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers compare Kim to Angela

Kim Menzies and Angela Deem
Kim and Angela are being compared by 90 Day Fiance viewers in a certain way. Pic credit: TLC

Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is the first time Kimberly Menzies and Angela Deem have been on the same show simultaneously.

Now they are being compared to one another by viewers who are finding several similarities after the premiere episode aired.

This is not the first time Kim and Angela have been compared, with the former time being about how they’ve sexualized their Nigerian partners and acted out against them. In that comparison, Kim’s partner, Usman Umar’s ex-wife Baby Girl Lisa Hamme, was also thrown into the conversation.

Angela has been a cast member on several different seasons and spinoffs within the 90 Day franchise starting with Season 2 of Before the 90 Days.

Kim was on Season 5 of Before the 90 Days, where she officially became Usman’s girlfriend. She has since been featured on the hit spinoff Pillow Talk alongside her son Jamal.

While Kim is still building a name for herself and viewers are learning more about her, the 90 Day audience knows a lot about Angela. Both women do share much of the same interests and behavior as viewers are coming to talk about.

Kimberly Menzies is similar to Angela Deem, according to 90 Day Fiance fans

While Kim and Angela have a lot in common in their relationships, Happily Ever After? viewers have pointed out another similarity.

During the latest episode, Kim mentioned that Usman said her teeth were yellow. Kim underwent teeth whitening to feel better, and her cosmetic dental procedure reminded viewers of Angela.

A popular 90 Day fan account on Instagram made a meme that showed Kim getting her teeth whitened next to an image of Angela at her dentist’s office.

The following slides showed Kim gazing at her new teeth and then Angela looking at hers.

Above the feature photo of the carousel, the meme read, “I feel like I’ve seen this already.”

The meme got over 600 likes and 50 comments.

Kimberly Menzies and Angela Deem’s paths will cross at the Happily Ever After? Tell All

At the end of this Happily Ever After? season, as is 90 Day tradition, there will be a Couples Tell All where burning questions will be asked as the show’s whole cast gets together.

It will be there that Kim and Angela may cross paths if both of them are present.

Angela has notoriously been a bully at the Tell Alls and carried out over-the-top behavior and antics.

Whether Kim and Angela will get along at the Tell All is anyone’s guess, but Kim has been known to speak her mind, a trait Angela has historically been inflamed by in others.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

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