90 Day Diaries viewers react to the Angela Deem’s severe dental issues

Angela Deem
Angela Deem’s dental issues were shown on 90 Day Diaries and it shocked viewers. Pic credit: TLC

During the latest episode of 90 Day Diaries, viewers caught up with Angela Deem, who was trying to find out more information on getting dental implants.

In doing so, people watching found out that Angela’s main insecurity had always been her teeth, and she was having problems with them breaking and getting infected.

90 Day Diaries fans watched as Angela traveled to Beverly Hills to consult an oral surgeon. At the office, Angela took out her false upper and lower teeth to reveal that her mouth only consisted of a few rotted-out and infected teeth.

The doctor did say that he would be able to help Angela with a mix of implants and hybrid denture implants. However, viewers got to see the full shocking state of Angela’s mouth, which they reacted to on social media.

Angela Deem’s dental issues brought reactions from 90 Day Diaries viewers

On Instagram, a 90 Day fan page shared a still image from the 90 Day Diaries episode that showed what Angela’s mouth actually looked like without her removable dentures.

In the caption, they wrote, “Y’ALL… [Angela] HAS NO MF’ING TEETH.”

The comments section of the post was filled with shocked and disgusted 90 Day onlookers.

One person said the image of Angela’s mouth scared them, while another remarked, “I had no idea that her mouth looked like that.”

Another critic questioned whether the photo was real, and another person jabbed, “She has more than I thought she’d have.”

Instagram comments about Angela Deem
Pic credit: @mommysaysbadwordstoo/Instagram

A different 90 Day fan page used the comparative images Angela’s doctor showed her of her smile before and after the implants.

They made a meme of that comparison photo blasted on TV screens as people looked on. Above the image, they wrote, “When you are minding your own business trying to buy a tv but the shop keeper is watching 90 Day Diaries.”

The fan page wrote in the caption, “We didn’t really need to see this.”

Angela Deem explained how her mouth got so bad on 90 Day Diaries

Angela said that she was in an accident when she was 18-year-old, and she lost her front teeth as a result.

Then, Angela said that her heavy smoking caused her gums to recede so much that two of her bottom teeth became loose and fell out.

Nothing was said from Angela about her dental hygiene routine or whether she has continued to smoke.

Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance premieres Sunday, April 17, 2022, at 8 pm ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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