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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap: Troubled Waters

Andrei, Ronald and Asuelu
A tension boiled over for some couples other’s experienced troubling discontent from their partners.

The couples on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? sifted through their ongoing struggles this week, and a few of them received good news while the majority had to deal with added stress.

Some of the couples had to deal with their immigration statuses and either make hard decisions around it or wait and see what happens next.

Tensions boiled over for a few of the couples, and new challenges presented themselves leaving a lot of feelings of discontent.

There were some positive moments this week as the value of the relationships on the show was more apparent.

Some of the Happily Ever? couples faced immigration questions

Andrei knew he had to keep the job with Elizabeth’s dad in order to secure his 10-year green card, so he had a one-on-one with Chuck where he blatantly maipulated him to get what he wanted.

Later in the episode, Chuck got all his kids and their spouses together on a chartered yacht to try and bring the family closer and propose the idea of having a family reunion and going altogether in an RV, but the idea unintentionally had the opposite effect.

The whole family got at Andrei for trying to take advantage of their dad, and when Libby tried to defend Andrei, things escalated quickly between her and Becky and things got physical.

Elizabeth and Andrei and Elizabeth's family
Tensions boiled over after Chuck charted a private yacht to try and bring the family closer. Pic credit: TLC

Julia and Brandon received good news from immigration when they got Julia’s card in the mail which will allow her to work and travel outside the country.

Tiffany’s dad still agreed to cosponsor Ronald coming to America even after Tiffany told him about Ronald’s past.

Tiffany then met with an immigration lawyer with Ronald on a video call, and it was obvious that Ronald was not taking it seriously at all, which troubled Tiffany.

Some Happily Ever After? couples faced deeper relationship problems

Michael had a lot of anger towards Angela for not listening to him when it comes to the many surgeries she is having, and he and his family agreed that Angela is selfish and that Michael needs space.

Angela wanted to go through with the face and neck lift but was shot down by the doctor, who said she needs to be at least four weeks smoke-free before he would perform the surgery.

Natalie and Mike’s mom compounded on their animosity, and it spilled over into a very tense and awkward Thanksgiving dinner. Natalie felt very offended by Trish and wore her emotions on her face while Mike sat back and thought the two of them should squash their drama privately.

Natalie and Mike at Thanksgiving dinner
Trish was trying to gaslight Natalie during Thanksgiving and Natalie was very offended. Pic credit: TLC

Jovi left for work for an undetermined amount of time, and Yara expressed her concerns about facing life with their new baby alone. Jovi’s mom Gwen was, however, going to take Yara and Mylah to her house so they wouldn’t be alone but Yara didn’t seem to care.

Asuelu was in a scary car accident that totaled his car and made Kalani rethink divorce. Their same problems are still there, but Asuelu suggested a romantic getaway to bring them closer together. However, Kalani insisted that they take the kids and her mom.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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