90 Day Fiance fans compressed Colts shady relationship track record and it doesn’t look good for Vanessa

Colt and Vanessa
Fans pointed out that Colt has not had a good track record with women the last few years. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans have strong opinions about Colt’s decision to propose to Vanessa given their current relationship strife and Colt’s track record in recent years.

After only officially being in a relationship with Vanessa for a few weeks Colt decided to propose. Vanessa, who is also a divorcee, very hesitantly accepted on the stipulation that they remain engaged for a year and see how it goes.

This fast move by Colt is on-brand for how he has moved in relationships over the last three years. He proposed to Larissa after spending only two weeks with her. He went down to Brazil with Jess and asked her father for her hand in marriage after knowing her only a few months and being together in person for a few weeks.

The other part about Colt’s proposal that draws skepticism is Colt’s shady past as a cheater. While in a relationship with both Larissa and Jess, Colt acknowledged that he cheated on them with Vanessa and admitted that he was texting other women and sending them nudes.

Fans are calling Colt’s relationship shadiness out

Among all of Colt’s past transgressions, another point was made was about Colt’s sex drive. During the entire engagement trip with Vanessa, they fought about being sexually compatible and the fact that Colt wants too much sex from Vanessa.

Reddit thread about Colt Johnson
Fans harshly summarized Colt’s relationship history. Pic credit: @u/ultimatewerewolf/Reddit

A subsequent discussion took place on Reddit about Colt’s turbulent relationship history, and the general consensus was shock from onlookers who see how fast he moves and how dissatisfied he quickly becomes in relationships.

One fan said that, “Remember he is saying ‘I can’t imagine my life without you’ to a third woman in as many years.”

Another person, playing devil’s advocate, gave Colt a little credit when they replied, “He could mean it. I couldn’t imagine my life without the McDonald’s fish sandwich and yet every year it’s ripped away from me. You’re just not used to people with the emotional depth and memory of a goldfish.”

Reddit thread about Colt Johnson
Fans remark at Colt’s relationship history but also give him a little credit. Pic credit: @u/ultimatewerewolf/Reddit

Will Colt and Vanessa make it as a couple?

Since Vanessa was the one that Colt cheated on his past relationships, maybe she knows something about Colt that they didn’t. Just because their relationship grew out of shadiness doesn’t mean the same thing will happen to them. But the waters are murky for Vanessa and Colt moving forward.

Fellow The Single Life cast member Big Ed even placed a bet that wouldn’t last more than six months.

It appears to viewers that the love is there, but that Colt is moving too fast and that the foundation of their relationship needs to be more solid in order to succeed.

If Colt doesn’t let his old habits or boredom creep in, he and Vanessa could have a fair shot at happiness together.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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