90 Day Fiancé fans are no longer Team Julia after the way she acted at the Tell All

Julia from 90 Day Fiance
Julia pissed some castmates and fans off with some her opinions. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiancé community was unimpressed and turned off by Julia’s judgmental attitude, contradictory opinions, and immaturity during Part 2 of the Tell All.

Julia got put on blast by her castmates when they found out she has been playing the ‘poor me’ card all season long when it was her choice to live on the farm with Brandon’s parents.

She also gave her unpopular thoughts on plastic surgery, weight gain, and laziness that irritated her castmates and fans that had once been on her side.

Many of the Tell All viewers think she is out of touch with American standards, annoying, and ungrateful based on how she acted and the truth that came out during the show.

Why 90 Day Fiancé fans do not like Julia anymore

Julia was exposed during the Tell All for garnering unwarranted sympathy about the living situation with Brandon’s parents when she refused the alternative of the apartment Brandon was offering.

Reddit thread about Julia Trubkina
Reddit fans were harsh on Julia. Pic credit: @u/CheetleBeetle/Reddit

She then offered her opinion that people shouldn’t get plastic surgery, and they should work out and get a gym membership if they are unhappy with their bodies.

She also talked about how people unhappy with their bodies are lazy, which pissed off many people.

Fans said since she painted herself in a negative light recently, that her edit on Happily Ever After is not going to be as flattering as it was this season

Another fan joked that “She’s about to get that Asuelu treatment.”

Reddit thread about Julia Trubkina
Reddit fans gave their input on Julia. Pic credit: @u/CheetleBeetle/Reddit

One fan even went so far as to say that she and Brandon make more sense after seeing her behave on Tell All, and that “They’re both kinda terrible, in a perfect-for-each-other way.”

Pic credit: @u/CheetleBeetle/Reddit
Reddit fans are no Team Julia anymore. Pic credit: @u/CheetleBeetle/Reddit

Brandon and Julia will be on the upcoming season of Happily Ever After

Viewers won’t miss a beat when trying to keep up with Brandon and Julia since they will be on Season 6 of Happily Ever After, which premiers next week.

This season will focus on their continued cultural struggles and their issues living on the farm with Brandon’s parents.

One spicy part of the new season looks like it will be over Julia’s extreme jealousy over Brandon and how that will play out for the healthiness of their relationship.

Fans will have plenty more content to judge as new and old drama will air for the pair that is on the brink of becoming 90 Day Fiancé villains.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? will premiere Sunday, April 25 at 8/7c on TLC.

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