90 Day Fiance: Do Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii still talk?

Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii
What is Memphis and Hamza’s relationship status? Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers watched Michigan native Memphis Smith travel to Tunisia to meet her fiance Hamza Moknii for the first time in person. A lot of drama has happened since then, leading fans to wonder how they are doing now.

Memphis went to Tunisia with the intention to meet and get to know Hamza one week, marry him the next, and honeymoon the week after that.

Upon arriving at Hamza’s mom’s house, Memphis quickly broke the Muslim rules about sleeping separately, and the two were caught in bed together.

Despite their cultural and eight-year age difference, coupled with their language barrier and miscommunication, Memphis and Hamza got married.

And on their honeymoon, Memphis found out she was pregnant. She filed for a US spousal visa upon her return to the US, and Hamza was in America with Memphis by the time of the Season 5 Tell All.

The pair had recently welcomed their daughter at that time. However, since then, Memphis and Hamza had a major falling out, with Hamza living in another state and allegedly unable to see his daughter.

Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii
Memphis and Hamza in Tunisia on Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii ended things

It is unclear what exactly happened that led to the end of Memphis and Hamza’s short relationship once Hamza arrived in America.

Neither Memphis nor Hamza have explicitly said what happened between them. However, there have been many insinuations.

Since being on Before the 90 Days, Memphis has posted a slew of religious messages that appear to equate Hamza to the devil.

Memphis’s mom Debra has also made accusations that Hamza was an abuser.

Hamza has not said anything publicly negative against Memphis but has said that he has not been able to see his daughter at all.

Hamza’s sister Rawia claimed that Memphis kept their daughter from Hamza against a judge’s orders.

Hamza and Memphis have not given an update

Hamza last gave an update to 90 Day fans about being able to see his daughter back in early October, but it is unclear if he actually got to see her.

Memphis and Hamza have kept their baby’s identity a secret and Memphis has not made any jabbing posts seemingly aimed at Hamza in a while.

Memphis and Hamza don’t follow each other on Instagram but they are still legally married.

Since both of them do have a social media presence and use their platform to talk about their lives, it is likely viewers will get an update from one side or the other once there is a development between them.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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