90 Day Fiance: Danielle Mullins is looking for love but her latest date was a train wreck

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Mullins.
90 Day Fiance star Danielle Mullins is putting herself out on the dating scene after her disastrous marriage to Mohamed Jbali, but her latest date was a nightmare. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Mullins is putting herself back on the market after her disastrous marriage to Mohamed Jbali imploded.

To find love once again, Danielle is now being featured in the new spinoff 90 Day: The Single Life, which streams on Discovery+.

Danielle and Mohamed’s marriage has gone down in 90 Day Fiance history as one of the most dysfunctional in the show’s history. However, it seems that she’s working on putting that behind her and moving on with her life.

In the new spinoff, Danielle’s journey into the dating world is being explored, and on a recent date, fans watched as Danielle had what could easily be considered one of the most awkward dates ever.

Danielle’s date was a nightmare

In a clip shared in an ET exclusive, Danielle met up with a date named Avon. The two met at a restaurant, and their encounter was uncomfortable from the beginning.

“What’s up, sweetheart,” Avon said as he approached Danielle at the table. He leaned in for a hug, but Danielle seemed uncertain and awkwardly laughed.

Unfortunately, the date didn’t get any better from there. As the two began talking and getting to know one another, it became clear they were very different personalities.

Avon asked Danielle what she was drinking. When she responded “a diet Coke,” he responded, “That ain’t how you start off no party, baby.”

“I’m not here to party,” Danielle laughed.

Trying to sweep Danielle off her feet, Avon coyly said, “When [you’re] here with me, you gotta keep that smile on your face. You understand.”

When Danielle admitted she was nervous for their date, Avon confessed that he was nervous too – but for a different reason.

Danielle and Avon come from different ‘sides of the tracks’

“I was a little nervous too,” he said. “Cuz I know we [are] from two different sides of the tracks.”

He continued to explain that Danielle didn’t strike him as the kind of woman who would be into a man from the “hood” and someone who was into hip-hop.

Danielle then quickly clarified that she wasn’t into hip-hop music, admitting she’s more of a country music fan.

Avon then leaned in with an inappropriate joke about Santa Claus that caught Danielle completely off-guard. So much so that she admitted that she wasn’t looking to hook-up on the first date.

She wasn’t even sure if she was interested in getting married again.

Danielle was certain she didn’t want to have to take care of a man again. When her date asked if he looked like the kind of man that needed her to take care of him, Danielle laughed that he had more gold than she did – referencing the chains around his neck.

“When I first seen [sic] her, you know, I knew it was a culture shock,” Avon said. “You know? We from entirely two different backgrounds. So, what it is, is what it is. I hope to see what comes – what becomes of this. You know what I’m sayin’?”

90 Day: The Single Life streams on Discovery+.

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