90 Day Fiance circumcision debate rages on Twitter after Ariela says she regrets letting Biniyam have son cut

Ariela Weinberg has trouble accepting her son's circumcision on 90 Day Fiance.
Ariela Weinberg has trouble accepting her son’s circumcision on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Ariela Weinberg has been faced with some tough decisions since she made the move to join Biniyam Shibre in his home country of Ethiopia.

And in the latest episode, fans watched as Ariela struggled with their decision to have their son circumcised.

Ariela wonders if she made a mistake in having their son circumcised

When 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans were introduced to Ariela and Biniyam, they were expecting their first child together.

Ariela made the decision to give birth in Ethiopia so Biniyam could be present for the birth of their son. Once she made the move, however, she quickly found out just how different her life would be.

First, it was the apartments that Biniyam chose for them to live in. She was upset with the lack of cleanliness in each place they viewed.

Then, as the couple was settling into living together and focusing on their relationship, Ariela was faced with a tough decision of whether or not they should baptize their son once he was born. This decision was made even more difficult when Biniyam informed Ariela that in order for their son to be baptized, she too would have to be baptized in the church.

So, when the topic of circumcision came up, Ariela had a tough time choosing what was best for their son. Biniyam, however, is certain of what should be done and he hands the baby over to the doctor for the procedure.

As they wait for the procedure to finish, their son, Aviel, can be heard crying.

“I feel like I made the wrong decision for him,” Ariela said. “If I can’t even put my foot down and I don’t have control over the situation, then I can’t be a good mom.”

Twitter is torn about Ariela and Biniyam’s decision to circumcise Aviel

Fans flocked to Twitter during and after the show’s airing to give their opinions on the situation.

Some fans felt that Ariela overreacted to the situation.

“I’m glad Ari[ela] went through with the circumcision. Baby Avi will be fine,” said one comment.

“Ari[ela], I get that hearing and seeing your baby cry like that is so painful and traumatizing to you, but, babies and kids go through circumcision everyday. Your baby will be fine. You’re not alone in this. Your man and your baby loves you,” commented one follower.

Others wondered why she was so against the procedure since she, herself, is Jewish.

“Ari[ela] are you mad because an Ethiopian doctor performed the circumcision and not an American Jewish Mohel…” said another comment.

Some followers don’t agree with the procedure and find the scenes of Aviel crying hard to watch.

“Hearing Ari[ela] and Bini[yam]’s baby literally scream from getting a circumcision is absolutely HORRIFYING,” read one comment.

“I’m f**king done with Ari’s segments. The birth, the slaughtered animal, the circumcision. I’m done. DONE,” wrote another.

One comment pointed out that Ariela is still recovering from Aviel’s birth and that her emotions might be high due to being postpartum.

“All I see in this circumcision scene is postpartum. Your own emotions become overwhelming and something as small as your baby crying can cause this kind of reaction that does not always make sense,” the comment reads.

Twitter comment stating that Ariela may be feeling intense postpartum feelings during her son's circumcision.
Twitter comment stating that Ariela may be feeling intense postpartum feelings during her son’s circumcision. Pic credit: @gomezcarollina/Twitter

It’s clear that the situation was tough for both Ariela and Biniyam. They both want what’s best for their son.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

It’s 2020. Why are we still cutting parts off babies’ genitals?

Three national medical organizations (Iceland, Sweden and Germany) have called for elective infant male circumcision to be *banned*, and two others (Denmark and the Netherlands) have said they’d support a ban if they didn’t think it would drive the practice underground.

“Routine” circumcision *is* banned in public hospitals in Australia (almost all the men responsible for this policy will be circumcised themselves, as the male circumcision rate in Australia in 1950 was about 90%).

If it weren’t a religious thing, elective circumcision of boys would have been banned in lots of countries decades ago, same as it was for girls.