90 Day Fiance: Brandon’s parents watch awkwardly as he makes out with Julia at the airport

Brandon and Julia reunite at the airport after spending months apart. Pic Credit: TLC

Although this season of 90 Day Fiance brings back OG couples like Rebecca and Zied and Natalie and Mike, brand new couples are here to see if their long-distance love can result in successful marriages.

Fans will watch farm boy Brandon take his shot at 90 days with Russian Go-Go dancer Julia. Brandon was hooked quick as six hours after meeting her on a video call, he was already calling her his future wife.

While his mom hopes that she’ll help with the farm chores, fans aren’t so sure this Russian city girl is interested in the rustic lifestyle.

Farmboy meets Go-Go dancer

Although he’s intrigued by her, his family isn’t too pleased with her employment history. While Go-Go dancing could quickly get misinterpreted by their family members as stripping, they hope she chooses a different career path.

Julia will also be surprised that her new mother-in-law not only dictated their sleeping arrangements but scheduled her a gynecologist appointment.

After finding out her son and his fiancee refused to use protection, Brandon’s mother took matters into her own hands. Not looking to have a grandchild in the near future, she scheduled Julia for a birth control consultation.

Brandon says his mom can try but he knows it won’t happen. Julia is skeptical of putting medicine into her body, much less hormones.

Brandon’s brings his parents to pick her up from the airport

Brandon was not shy about showing love to his soon to be wife in front of his parents.

While it’s expected for them to miss each other, the kissing quickly turned into a long makeout session in the middle of the airport. His father even turned around after how awkwardly long the embrace between the couple was.

After a few minutes of spit exchanging, Julia finally acknowledges the rest of Brandon’s family.

To his defense, he did want to initially pick up Julia alone. However, his mother threw a fit that she wanted to join him in welcoming Julia at the airport.

After offering to pay for Julia’s flight to the US and a free weekend in the city, Brandon couldn’t help but fall into his mother’s demands.

Fans are already drawing comparisons between Brandon’s mom and the original overbearing parent of the franchise – Colt’s mother Debbie.

Who’s mom do you think is worse, Colt or Brandon’s?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.