90 Day Diaries recap: Luck be a lady part tonight

Tania Maduro, Larry Passariello, and Colt Johnson
90 Day Diaries showed viewers what has been going on in the lives of several 90 Day cast members. Pic credit: TLC

Episode 7 of 90 Day Diaries caught viewers up with several cast members from within the 90 Day franchise.

They updated fans about the current events in their lives and any issues they were having. Each cast member gave a video diary which was told from their perspective.

90 Day Diaries viewers heard about the highs and lows of different cast members

Tania Maduro talked about the difficult time she had emotionally during and after her breakup from her 90 Day Fiance partner Syngin Colchester.

To try and get over things and start the next chapter of her life, Tania said she was trying to launch a jewelry line within the next year and brainstormed ideas with her friend.

Tania also talked about wanting a child soon and not wanting to be an older parent and told her sister that she would like to co-parent with someone she was not in a relationship with.

46-year-old Molly Hopkins revealed that she has been having pain and discomfort in her uterus for a long time and that she was going to get a hysterectomy to help solve her problems.

She spoke with her boyfriend from The Single Life, Kelly Brown, about his thoughts on the subject because he really wanted to have a baby with Molly. He told her not to worry and to go ahead with the surgery and that they would figure something else out to fill that child void in his life.

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown
Molly and Kelly talked about Molly’s surgery. Pic credit: TLC

Colt Johnson explained that he and his wife Vanessa Guerra were still living separately because Vanessa couldn’t stand living with Colt’s overbearing mom Debbie.

Colt visited Vanessa, who was living with her cousin, and they talked about ways to improve their marriage. Later, Colt met up with his friends and explained how dependent his mother is on him.

In his talks with his friends and Vanessa, Colt acknowledged that he needed to make a choice between his mom and his wife.

90 Day Diaries showed viewers the issues and triumphs of 90 Day Fiance cast

Tarik Myers’ brother Dean Hashim and his fiancee Rigin talked about how they have been living together in the Philippines for three years now.

They have a baby boy together and said that the issues they have as a couple have been spawning from Dean wanting to work on his music too much. Rigin wants him to spend more time with and pay more attention to her and baby Marshawn.

Dean said he would compromise and spend less time doing music.

Dean Hashim and Rigin Bado
Dean and Rigin have argued frequently about Dean’s music career. Pic credit: TLC

42-year-old Larry Passariello and his 28-year-old Filipina wife Jenny were moving from the RV park they were living at in Florida and going to Texas to be closer to Larry’s two sons and their families.

Jenny was sad about leaving her church and friends and expressed how badly she wanted a baby which Larry said he wanted to give her.

Once they arrived in Texas, Larry and his successful son talked about how Larry was going to work for him and what that dynamic would be like.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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