90 Day The Single Life: Molly brags about her new man after finding love on the dating show

Molly Hopkins
Molly shared her happiness on Instagram over finding love while on The Single Life. Pic credit: TLC

Molly Hopkins from 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life made a heartfelt post to her Instagram about the gratitude she feels for finding love with Kelly Brown while on the dating show.

Their relationship started out when Kelly slid into her DMs on Instagram and managed to stand out from the rest. They met in person in New York before Kelly came to visit her in Georgia and be filmed for The Single Life.

In her post, Molly thanked Discovery+, TLC, and 90 Day Fiance for giving them the opportunity to grow their relationship and showcase it for their fans.

Molly gushed about Kelly by saying, “He likes me for me . And vice versa. No agenda. Just doing this thing our way. Not only is he an incredible man, his COMMITMENT to his community serving in his career is unprecedented and for that , and that alone he should receive the utmost respect. Thanks for all you do boo (heart emoji’s).”

Molly’s Instagram post about Kelly was adorable

Molly’s Instagram post was accompanied by 10 different selfies that the couple has taken together over the course of their relationship.

From the beginning of The Single Life, Molly was smitten with Kelly, but also on high alert for any red flags because she did not want a man that was anything like her ex, Luis.

Kelly developed a great relationship with Molly’s special needs daughter, Kinsley, before ever meeting her. When they did meet, Molly was overjoyed at the way he was with her, and this only solidified her feelings for him.

What issues to Molly and Kelly face?

Distance will be a major issue Molly and Kelly will face since Kelly is a police officer in Brooklyn and Molly lives in the Georgia suburbs. So far they have made it work traveling back and forth, but when they want to develop something more steady, the long distance will be a challenge.

During The Single Life Kelly, who has no children, expressed that he wants to have children, and wants Molly to be the one he has them with. Molly made it clear that she had her tubes tied and having more children is the last thing she wants. If they can’t accept each other’s feeling on this topic or compromise, it could cause issues.

Part 2 of The Single Life Tell All is this week and Molly’s ex Luis will make an appearance and stir the pot more than likely. Depending on what happens, Molly and Kelly could have new problems to face with that.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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