90 Day Diaries recap: Home is where the heart is

Amira, Loren, and Larry
Some former 90 Day Fiance cast were thriving while others headed into the unknown as they spoke about their lives from their perspective Pic credit: TLC

Season 2, Episode 3 of 90 Day Diaries caught up with some former 90 Day Fiance cast members as they updated viewers about their lives told from their own perspectives.

Successes, pitfalls, and new circumstances were discussed by the cast who have been trying to go about their lives after appearing on the show.

Loren and Alex, Larry and Jenny, Amira, and Yazan were highlighted in this episode.

Some former 90 Day Fiance cast have made huge strides

Amira discussed her life post-90 Day Fiance where the deterioration of her relationship with Andrew was highlighted. Amira spoke about how she has dealt with the trauma of that relationship and explained that she’s keeping busy with her job as a support person for those who have contracted COVID-19.

Amira visited with her father and cut his hair but neglected to tell him that she is madly in love with another American man and contemplating her next move since she wants to get married.

Loren and Alex’s life as happy parents to their son Shai was discussed as they also talked about the baby they have on the way. Loren remarked that she is scared of having two children under two years old.

Alex wants to bring his parents to America from Israel and said he has not seen them in almost two years and they have not met Shai.

Alex and Loren spoke to their immigration lawyer who told them there is a big backlog of immigration cases but that family visa considerations like theirs would take priority. They are still looking at between 12-24 months for the process to come to a conclusion.

Alex, Loren and Shai
Loren and Alex spoke with their immigration lawyer about bringing Alex’s parents over from Israel. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance cast members are jumping into the unknown

Larry and Jenny have been living in a trailer park in Fort Meyers, Florida where they have been trying to save up to build their own house. Jenny lost her job due to the coronavirus pandemic but she and Larry have been cleaning RVs in the trailer park to make their goal. Larry is also still working full time.

When Larry and Jenny talked to Larry’s son Lawrence, who is a contractor, he broke reality to them that their savings of $15,000 was nowhere close to the roughly $80,000 they would need to actually build the house they want. Larry chose not to take his son’s word and he and Jenny resolved that they trust each other in getting to their home goal.

Yazan talked about his fiancee Leena, who lives in Tenessee but has ethnic roots from Jordan, and how he will move to the U.S. in the summer to marry her and start his life there. He spoke with his translator from 90 Day Fiance and friend Adam about his bad decision to be with Brittany two years prior and the new life that awaits him.

Yazan also spoke with his dad about Leena and his intention to marry her and his dad was beyond thrilled for Yazan and happy that his son moved on from Brittany.

New episodes of 90 Day Diaries are on Discovery+ every Sunday.

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