90 Day Diaries recap: Getting back on your feet

Danielle, Cortney, and Anna
More cast members caught viewers up on their personal lives during the second episode of 90 Day Diaries. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Diaries caught up with more 90 Day Fiance cast members this week as they shared the latest details of their lives from their own perspectives.

Two couples, Anna and Mursel, and Rebecca and Zied, were highlighted as they embarked on new chapters of their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cortney and Danielle were also focused on and they shared the personal difficulties they have been facing.

There was a major surprise and an argument that took place on 90 Day Diaries

Anna and Mursel have been hard at work with their beekeeping business and Anna has tried to get Mursel to bond more with her three boys from a previous relationship.

The major surprise forty-year-old Anna and forty-four-year-old Mursel revealed was that they want to have a baby and are undergoing IVF and will have a surrogate carry their baby. They drove sixteen hours from Nebraska to New York to harvest embryos from Anna. The procedure worked and they had seven viable embryos.

Anna and Mursel
Mursel was excited to have a child of his own with Anna despite her kids being hesitant. Pic credit: TLC

It’s been almost a year that Zied has been in America and he finally made a friend, which made Rebecca uncomfortable because her ex from Morocco had friends who were bad influences and he would cheat on her when he was with them.

To quell her fears, they had his new friend and his wife join them for dinner and after meeting them, Rebecca felt a lot more comfortable.

Rebecca and Zied got into a fight when they were ziplining because Zied wasn’t noticing how scared Rebecca was of the ziplining experience. They were able to apologize to each other and move on the next day.

Rebecca and Zied
Rebecca was very mad at Zied after their zip lining tour didn’t go as planned. Pic credit: TLC

Cortney and Danielle talked about their personal lives

Danielle just appeared on The Single Life and divulged that she is still single but hasn’t given up. She got eyelash extensions and took a pole dancing class in an effort to try new things.

Danielle met up with her Maryland friends, who discussed Danielle’s next step and reminisced on a few of her bad dates.

Cortney from Season 1 of Before the 90 Days said that she was in a stagnant place in her life because she was unemployed and has been living with her parents for the last few years since appearing on the show.

She had a failed relationship in quarantine and also talked about her new relationship, which isn’t going in the marriage and babies direction she wants.

Cortney did reveal something surprising… she said she has been making money on foot fetish sites online.

New episodes of 90 Day Diaries are on Discovery+ every Sunday.

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