7 ways Jinger Duggar is more worldly than the other Duggars

Jinger Duggar in a confessional on Counting On.
Jinger Duggar is the most worldly Duggar sibling. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar is arguably the most worldly Duggar. 

She has a knack for dressing in the latest fashion and has expensive taste when it comes to certain items. 

Leaving Arkansas after marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016 changed Jinger’s life and showed her what a more mainstream journey could offer. She didn’t change immediately, but little adjustments began, and here we are today.

Moving to California gave Jinger more opportunity to experience worldly things, from different food to a taste of Hollywood. Since moving, she and Jeremy have done touristy things and have documented their journey as they settle into life in Los Angeles. 

It was rumored that Jinger always wanted to have a taste of the good life, including being famous. She made it to Hollywood, and her taste has definitely leveled up. 

These are seven ways that Jinger Duggar is more worldly than the other Duggars. 

Jinger Duggar takes her wardrobe seriously 

Being a pastor’s wife is a big deal and she takes the role very seriously. Jinger Duggar makes sure she is business casual most of the time unless she is at home or hanging out with her family. 

While filming Counting On, Jinger and her big sister, Jana, went to Rodeo Drive to shop. Jinger found a blazer that she loved (pictured above) and paid full price for it. That was a big deal, especially because thrift shopping was a way of life for the Duggar family. During confessionals for the episode, her family members weighed in on the price.

So many of her staple pieces are timeless, and unless she is hiking or working out, Jinger makes sure she looks very feminine and semi-business. 

Jinger Duggar is well-traveled 

Growing up, Jinger Duggar and her family did some traveling. Once the TLC money started coming in, the family could do things they couldn’t before like travel across the country and even the world.

Once Jinger left Arkansas, she was able to begin traveling with her husband, too. Since welcoming Evangeline Jo last November, the couple visited the mountains and spent time in North Carolina in June. Having kids hasn’t slowed them down at all.

She may not have hit all of the spots she wants to visit, but with her status and sense of adventure, Jinger likely isn’t done seeing the world. 

Jinger Duggar is a foodie 

Food is a love language and one that Jinger Duggar embraces. She and Jeremy Vuolo are often checking out new spots in and around Los Angeles. Sometimes, they even venture out to other cities nearby to try new things.

The couple loves trying interesting food. Once while filming Counting On, they hosted Joseph Duggar and  Kendra Caldwell and took them to eat. They tried unusual things, some of which were not enjoyed by her brother and sister-in-law. However, Jinger and Jeremy seemed to like them. 

Jinger Duggar launched a brand 

Building an empire is a boss thing to do, and Jinger Duggar is all over it. She and Jeremy Vuolo worked on building a brand, and they have spun off parts of it under The Hope We Hold umbrella. 

They had a podcast, had a home goods line, and wrote a book all under their brand. Jinger has teased more is coming, but as of now, they seem to be at a standstill with everything except their book in regards to The Hope We Hold brand.

Jinger Duggar uses social media frequently 

Out of all of the Duggar siblings, Jinger Duggar is one of the most active on social media. She shares her life with her followers, including the small things she does in her day-to-day life. Her Instagram boasts family foods, food photos, real-life experiences, and some gorgeous shots of Jinger.

Not only does she have Instagram, but she also made a TikTok account. Jinger has also signed up to do Cameos, though she isn’t currently accepting requests. These avenues may have fizzled, but she stepped out of her comfort zone and attempted to do something different. 

Jinger Duggar has so many clothes

Growing up, Jinger Duggar was taught that buying used and saving the difference was the way to live. She and her siblings often traded and shared clothing, and when they could no longer fit in the clothing, the younger set of siblings were given the clothes. 

However, that is not how Jinger rolls now. While her sister, Jessa Duggar, is working on a capsulated wardrobe, she is busy showing off her workout clothing, lovely dresses, and in-between outfits. 

Not only does Jinger have so many clothes, but she also has a nice collection of sneakers. She has been known to show them off. Felicity also has an extensive wardrobe, which isn’t surprising given she is following in her fashionista mom’s footsteps.

Jinger Duggar has famous friends 

Friends are something that Jinger Duggar appears to treasure completely. She grew up with several sisters who were built-in best friends.  

As they grew up, they ran in the circle with other families like themselves, including the Bates and Spivey families. Going to the same conferences and events helped them get to know other people aside from their siblings. Still to this day, Jinger and Jessa Duggar are best friends, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for more in the mix.

Now, Jinger has some celebrity friends that she and Jeremy Vuolo hang out with. Gabby Barrett and Cade Foehner are two of them. In fact, Jeremy married the couple in 2019. They have shared photos together on Instagram, and remain in touch while Gabby’s success takes off.

There are likely others, but it seems that Jinger isn’t over-showy about who her other friends are despite having famous friends. Her Instagram mainly features her own adventures, not her climb in social status.  

Jinger Duggar is living her best life out in California. She has always wanted to move away from Arkansas, as the big lights were alluring, but landing in Los Angeles was a surprise. Texas was the first destination and one that she got accustomed to fairly quickly. Her experiencing life as a married woman for the first time away from home was all documented by Counting On cameras.

She and Jeremy Vuolo have been on the West Coast since 2019, and two years in, it appears they are enjoying themselves. They have gotten to experience new things, new food, and get to know the cities around them. 

Being more worldly than her siblings isn’t a huge surprise. She has been the outgoing one and the one who was eager to leave and expand her horizons through experiences, travel, food, and fashion.

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