5 things you may not know about Love Island USA host Arielle Vandenberg

Arielle Vandenberg host of Love Island USA: Here's what you need to know about her
Love Island USA host Arielle is ready to kick her wedding planning up a notch. Pic credit: CBS

Arielle Vandenberg is back to host Love Island USA Season 3!

The blonde bombshell has been with CBS’s reality TV series from the beginning. She is the person the islanders love but also hate to see come into the villa.

Arielle always makes a grand entrance, and nine times out of ten, she comes bearing bad news for the islanders.

As viewers get ready for the new season, it’s time to get to know Arielle a little bit better. After all, life has changed a lot for the TV personality in the last three years.

Arielle is engaged to Matt Cutshall

In 2019, Arielle’s long-time boyfriend Matt Cutshall popped the question. They were friends for years before the relationship turned romantic in 2017.

Wedding planning has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Arielle revealed to TV Insider she’s ready to get the ball rolling now that things are open again. They, of course, have to wait until she wraps up Love Island USA Season 3.

The happy couple is proud owners of the adorable pup, Stinky, who Arielle happily shows off on social media.

Arielle and Matt mix business with pleasure a lot

Both Matt and Arielle were Vine stars back in the day.

They love working together and aren’t worried about mixing business with pleasure. The couple refers to themselves as “The Cuties,” even launching a YouTube channel with the same name.

They just launched their own podcast, too, Riled Up with Arielle and Matt, where they will have hilarious off-the-cuff conversations about life.

Oh, and they dish all things Love Island USA while the season plays out on CBS.

Arielle’s an actress, model and comedian

While she didn’t become a household name until Love Island USA, Arielle spent years working as an actress, model, and comedian. Thanks to her social media presence and beauty, Arielle kept quite busy in showbiz.

Arielle’s film credits include Epic Movie, The Ugly Truth, and Nerve. She has also appeared on How I Met Your Mother and CSI.

Plus, the blonde beauty can be spotted in several television commercials for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Coke Zero, State Farm Insurance, and Progressive Auto.

Perhaps her biggest claim to fame is in hilarious antics that got her noticed on the no longer active social media platform Vine.

Arielle meets the cast on camera for the first time

Love Island USA is good at keeping the islanders apart until just the right moment when the cameras are rolling. Season 1 contestant Alexandra Stewart previous revealed she was kept secluded until the first day she entered the villa.

It turns out Arielle is also separated from the cast members until they meet for the first time on camera.

“We want there to be a little bit of mystery, like, between them and me. And then when they come out, it’s the first time I’m meeting them, and they’re meeting me,” Arielle shared with Us Weekly.

Arielle and Love Island USA narrator Matthew Hoffman are best pals

Although viewers never see them together onscreen, Arielle and the hilarious Matthew Hoffman, who narrates the CBS show, are real-life best friends.

Arielle referred to him as her work husband in an interview with Pop Culture.

The social media queen admitted that during Season 1 of Love Island USA, she and Matthew would watch every episode together. In Season 2, they never saw each other due to their separate quarantine bubbles amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Arielle is ready for some face time with Matthew, who she also called viewers’ “best friend” because listening to him is like listening to a pal. Hopefully, Matthew and Arielle will share some behind-the-scenes photos of their reunion and time working on Season 3.

There is so much more to Arielle Vandenberg than hosting Love Island USA, but boy, she is a great addition to the CBS reality TV show.

Love Island USA Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, July 7 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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