Alexandra shares casting process for Love Island USA

Alex shares Love Island USA casting process.
Love Island USA beauty Alex talks how she got cast on the show. Pic credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

Alexandra Stewart found love this summer on the CBS reality TV show, Love Island USA. It was the inaugural season for the show based off the U.K. version, which is a fan favorite.

Two months after leaving the Fiji villa with her beau, Dylan Curry, Alexandra is sharing how she ended up on Love Island USA. The 25-year-old publicist is answering one of the fans’ most asked questions in a new video.

Alex, as she was referenced on the show, decided to reveal the process that led her to Fiji, and, ultimately, Dylan. The short story is a bad breakup, a best friend, lots of waiting, and lots of talking.

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The longer version begins with her best friend Jen. It turns out that Jen initially tried out for the show. However, Jen thought Alex would be a better fit. The reason is that Alex was going through a horrible breakup at the time.

Jen felt her best pal needed the exciting opportunity more than Jen did. She told the casting people about Alex and a call was set up. Alex passed the first phone call with flying colors.

The second round is another call, but with several people asking questions at once. She calls them the most outrageous and uncomfortable questions. Alex’s “just go with it” personality impressed the group.

Next up was a video call. Yep, the casting people didn’t even see her face, other than a picture, until round three. It is also the round where the casting people create a video to pitch her to producers.

Alex said the questions are super personal. She also makes it clear the crazier the answer the better. In the final interview round, Alex was sequestered in a hotel for a week. No phone, no computer, and basically no communication with the outside world.

She could only leave her room when summoned to meet with producers or have mental and physical evaluations completed. Yes, everyone who is a possible contestant must get a clean bill of health.

There was a specific schedule Alex had to follow to ensure she made all of her appointments on time. She was even told what time and where she could eat dinner.

It sounds like an awful lot just to be on a reality TV show. After that week, those in the running are taken to CBS to meet executives.

Alex explained it is a lengthy process which is mostly playing the waiting game. She began the casting process in December but didn’t find out she was cast until the end of June.

Then, it was fast and furious. Alex got a call on a Friday and was in Fiji on Monday.

Once in Fiji, it was another week or more of being sequestered in a hotel. Alex had a chaperone with her to ensure she did not run into any other islanders before filming began. It was a lot. She let future islanders know to be prepared for the craziness.

The reason Alex arrived so early in Fiji was to do press, do photoshoots for publicity, and shoot videos that will be used on the show. Again, all without seeing any other contestants.

Then the first day of shooting came. Alex was first in the villa and the rest is history!

Love Island USA will return in summer 2020 on CBS.

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