5 of the hottest photos shared by Love Island USA’s Trina Njoroge

Trina Njoroge on Love Island USA
Trina Njoroge on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @trrinnababby/Instagram

Trina Njoroge had an interesting journey on Love Island USA Season 3.

She started with Jeremy Hershberg, and then when he moved on, she decided to try to couple up with Cinco Holland, who was already with Cashay Proudfoot.

When Cinco left Cash for Trina, it created the first “villain” of the season for the reality dating show.

All the way until Cinco left Love Island USA, Trina had a love-hate relationship with fans.

By the end, she had more fans when they saw Trina without the Cinco and Cashay drama surrounding her.

After leaving the island, fans can’t put the Trina and Cashay drama behind them, even though the two are friends and have moved past it personally.

Trina has also made sure to stay visible on social media, where fans can still follow her and see any hot photos she shares of herself.

Trina before Love Island USA

When people sign up to try out for Love Island USA, they have to give their social media links and send in some photos.

If Trina sent in this extremely hot photo she shared on Instagram in 2020, it should have sold anyone on her instantly.

The pic from Feb. 15, 2020, showed why Trina would have been anyone’s perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Trina’s modeling shoots

Trina’s occupation was as a nurse in the psychiatric field, but she also worked as a model.

An intensely hot photo of Trina from November 2015 shot by fashion photographer Justin Jerrod showed Trina by a pool, looking amazing.

If anything Trina shared on social media revealed what she might look like on Love Island USA, this was the photo.

Trina’s lap dance

Fans who watched Love Island USA Season 3 likely saw their blood pressure levels rising when the cast performed lap dances on each other.

That was also the contest’s theme as they measured the heart rates of the people getting the lapdance, and Trina performed on Cinco Holland in this episode.

This photo shows why Trina had everyone’s hearts racing.

Love Island USA friends

After Love Island USA ended, the cast had a pair of reunions, with the first taking place in New York City.

This is where Trina and Cashay showed their fans there were no hard feelings between them, and they just wanted everyone to move on from the drama, as they have.

They even took a very hot photo together, with Cash and Trina joined by Justine Ndiba from Love Island USA Season 2.

Trina attends Stitch and Feather event

Trina posted her most recent photo on September 22, from her appearance at a Stitch and Feather event.

In the photos, she poses in a form-fitting dress by Sabrak Boutique.

She was glowing and absolutely radiant in the photos, proving Trina was one of the hottest Love Island USA women, hand’s down.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. However, the show is currently casting for Season 4 and will return in the summer of 2022.

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