5 hilarious memes to come out of 90 Day Fiancé after this week’s newest episode, Three’s a Party

Natalie from 90 Day Fiance
Natalie smiles into her phone. Pic credit: TLC

There were a few situations that turned into spectacles from this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé and Twitter was quick to turn them into memes.

As fights continued, new drama surfaced, and some cringe-worthy moments took place, there was a lot of material for meme creators to work with.

This week’s episode featured plenty of surprises from the couples and their families as they prepare to get married, or not, within 90 days.

Some have grown closer over time while others have grown further apart.

The current 90 Day Fiance Season 8 couples include Brandon and Julia, Mike and Natalie, Rebecca and Zied, Yara and Jovi, Ryan and Stephanie, Amira and Andrew, and Hazel and Tarik.

See which couples made the cut to become Internet meme sensations.

1. Jovi and Yara

Jovi and Yara seem to have no shortage of issues to fight about. In fact, Yara has had words for Jovi in every episode so far.

From her annoyance with Jovi’s drinking, her dislike of Louisiana, and discontentment over Jovi’s job that keeps him away every other month, they have had plenty to argue about.

We discovered last week, however, that Yara was pregnant. Although Jovi awkwardly and disrespectfully did not believe her at first, the couple ended up accepting the pregnancy and getting excited.

Yara explicitly told Jovi’s mom that she did not want an engagement party, but Jovi’s mom threw one anyway. On the way to the party, Yara and Jovi were fighting, so it was no surprise that they continued fighting while there.

The couple famously put on a happy face in front of the attendees as they shared a dance, all the while Yara was calling him names and telling him she hated him. Jovi appeared intoxicated and laughed it off, but the scene made for some hilarious content.

The couple ended up announcing their pregnancy to his parents after this awkward dance took place.

Pic credit: @lisafjam/Twitter

2. Mike and Natalie

Mike and Natalie have been in a downward spiral since her arrival to America to begin the 90 days. On Before the 90 Days, after a tumultuous time in Ukraine, Natalie threw her engagement ring at Mike before he took off for the U.S.

Mike harbored resentment over that, as did Natalie for other reasons. Now that the pair is testing the relationship out again within the allotted 90 days, things are going from bad to worse.

Natalie has been berating Mike at every turn, about his weight, IQ, dietary choices, and the smell in his home. Mike has been trying to keep calm and not let her words affect him but he recently got the chance to speak up when they went to therapy.

He was able to tell Natalie that he wasn’t in love with her and that he doesn’t want to give her the ring back. Natalie left that appointment not knowing how to feel and she went on to speak with a therapist privately.

It seemed like a little time went by since that incident, and we then see Mike sitting in his armchair brushing his cat peacefully, when Natalie says to him from the couch, “Mike I need to ask you something. About Sara”. Sara is a friend of Mike’s that Natalie has baseless jealousy and suspicions about.

Mike told her that he’s always been completely honest, and Natalie derailed, and threw around accusations, leading to Mike telling her, “Your beauty is ugly.”

The funny part about all of this? Mike nonchalantly brushing the cat before the fight kicked off.

Pic credit: @90daycray/Twitter

3. Brandon and Julia

By now, viewers have gotten to know Brandon as a man-child who has a hard time leaving the nest and going against anything his parents say, to the detriment of his relationship with his Russian bride top be, Julia.

A majority of people who watch the show are not fond of his parents, who cannot give their adult son any space and want to be a part of every aspect of his life. They also set the rules in the house and frequently overstep their boundaries.

With that said, Julia wasn’t feeling well this episode and said she threw up in the morning, leading them both to think that she might be pregnant.

Brandon had the idea to insist that they tell his parents that Julia might be pregnant– before even taking a pregnancy test. Julia disagreed with the plan but upon Brandon’s insistence, they told his parents that night.

His parents were equally as dumbfounded as to why he was telling them before taking a test. Brandon then went on to throw Julia under the bus when they questioned whose idea it was to have unprotected sex. Julia took offense to this and viewers added the move to the list of things that bother them about Brandon.

What is funnier, is that Brandon gave an interview a month before praising his skills at pulling out.

The test they eventually took ended up being negative, but Brandon was blasted on the internet for telling his parents before taking a test.

Pic credit: @clockoutwars2/Twitter

4. Stephanie and Ryan

Stephanie brought a whole lot of crazy to the show this week, and to the show in general. Fans are creeped out but also intrigued by her kooky behavior and cringey way of talking to her much younger fiancé from Belize, Ryan.

We first saw the way she acted when we were introduced to her at her home in Michigan. She was spoon-feeding her cat Key-Lime Pie yogurt and using baby talk to ask the cat “Are you ready to share the bed with Daddy Ryan?”

Stephanie also mentioned that she sends over $1,000 a month to his family and got him a job with her friend at a resort in Belize. The bizarre twist to Ryan’s job, however, is that Stephanie is paying his salary without his knowledge.

Once we finally saw the pair together after she went down to visit him in Belize we got to see their dynamic, and it was– weird.

She pulled out glow-in-the-dark condoms, brought him some pricey gifts, and said the words “you said you were low on undies so I brought you a bunch” in a grandmotherly tone. After not having sex the first night, she freaked out and told Ryan that she slept with his cousin Harrison in the past, to which Ryan really didn’t seem to care and said he already knew.

Where things really fell apart was when we see Stephanie yelling at Ryan in the middle of the night about why he was leaving their hotel room and that he can’t handle the truth.

He stormed out and Stephanie revealed that they were having sex and when she told him to put lube on the condom he said he wasn’t wearing a condom. She was screaming about not trusting him and was carrying on when she decided to call his cousin Harrison– yes the same one she cheated on Ryan with– for comfort. We will find out more about the fallout next week.

When producers asked Ryan his side of the story, he said that every time she visits, she brings condoms and they have never used them, so he didn’t understand the freakout.

While Stephanie was coming unhinged she also ran around the room and tore everything up looking for her grandmother’s ring she gave to Ryan to propose with.

Her meltdown and general wackiness is captured by memes, which bring comedy to a bizarre and icky situation.

Pic credit: @brownviolate/Twitter

5. Rebecca and Zied

Last week we saw Rebecca’s claws come out when a young and pretty friend of Rebecca’s daughter, Tiffany, offered her truck and to help Zied move items from Rebecca’s storage unit.

It didn’t seem like Zied knew what was going on or that he was putting himself in the doghouse, but Rebecca then shot him a look that he understood and he recanted on taking the help.

Fast forward to this week’s episode and Rebecca is still mad over the previous night’s incident, but during the car ride to her son’s house, they manage to smooth it over.

What fans are laughing about is the cause of the issue, the lack of furniture in their apartment– there’s nothing but a bed and a shopping cart. Lovers of the show assumed getting the items out of storage was going to be a top priority and it wasn’t.

To add to this situation, Rebecca is always mentioning “my ex from Morocco”. In this case, she said that she shared an apartment with her ex from Morocco in the same building, which caused some jealousy issues between her and Zied over the apartment.

Viewers are still wondering if there ever going to be any furniture in that apartment, now that it has brought multiple issues, and there is a meme that just about sums it up.

Pic credit: @tmorris_rn/Twitter

Honorable Mentions

There were a few honorable mention memes that are too funny not to share on this list that are related to the content from this week.

1. Natalie’s Erratic Behavior

Natalie sure does know how to serve some crazy. She is notoriously hard on Mike about many aspects, but then flips the script when she feels the marriage idea slipping away she backtracks to being nice Natalie.

Pic credit: @Alistu21/Twitter

2. Crazy Stephanie is Coming For Ryan

By now fans have become familiar with Ryan’s “you’re crazy” face. We are also too familiar with the wacky faces of Stephanie. This meme captures how viewers feel about their relationship at this point.

Pic credit: @fappywetsock/Twitter

3. Jovi is a Hot Mess

During the engagement party Jovi repeatedly denied being drunk to Yara, when we all know he was obviously intoxicated. Fans have been having a lot of smh moments with Jovi’s drinking denial, but it is pretty funny to watch.

Pic credit: @uncensored90day/Twitter

90 Day Fiance airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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