90 Day Fiance recap: Afraid of the truth?

90 Day Fiance recap
A tough moment as Natalie and Mike fight about their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

This week’s episode titled “Three’s a Party” saw most couples getting to some hard truths.

With pregnancy talk flying around, we finally got to the bottom of a few situations. There was not a shortage of drama this week, and some harsh words were thrown around by some of the cast members.

There were a few happy moments in this episode, but most couples were at a crossroads as they prepare to get married or go back to their own countries.

Some sheer crazy moments had viewers asking what in the world was happening.

Getting closer with the family

As Jovi and Yara celebrated their engagement at a party thrown by Jovi’s parents, they fought throughout the whole thing. However, they did take a break to let Jovi’s parents know that they were pregnant, to which they both yelled, “No!”

Zied and Rebecca spent time with Rebecca’s son and grandchildren, as Zied tried to bond with the family. This meeting stirred up emotions for Rebecca as she revealed that she had a partial hysterectomy and worried that Zied would want kids one day.

Rebecca and Zied enjoyed time with Rebecca’s family this week. Pic credit: TLC

Brandon and Julia had a pregnancy scare and decided to tell Brandon’s parents they might be pregnant before taking the pregnancy test. This led to some anxious and tense moments until they took the test, which came back as negative.

Some couples remain drama free

Tarik and Hazel had the most drama-free moments when Hazel and Tarik explained their shared desire to have a girlfriend to Tarik’s friend Angela.

Andrew and Amira were not featured on this weeks episode so we don’t know what their next move is.

There were cringe-worthy moments

Perhaps the ickiest moment of this episode was when we found out why Ryan stormed out of the hotel room last week.

It was because she realized while they were having sex that he wasn’t wearing a condom, and she got really upset. Ryan rebutted in a private interview that she brings a bunch of condoms every time she visits, and they never end up using them.

Stephanie called Ryan after he’d left to yell at him nonsensically, ending with him calling her crazy and hanging up.

After revealing the pregnancy, Yara took Jovi outside and yelled at him about being drunk. He denied it and made comments about her pregnant attitude.

The scene ended with Jovi walking away and Yara crying.

Jovi and Yara fight in the car before their engagement party. Pic credit: TLC

What’s in store next week

The fallout of Stephanie’s fight with Ryan involved her communicating with Ryan’s cousin Harris who she had relations before.

There will be continued fighting between couples next week, and some new drama should unfold for Tarik and Hazel. We will catch up with Amira and Andrew, and find out some news about a wedding date for Zied and Rebecca.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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