16 and Pregnant alum Sean Garinger dead at 20 after freak accident

Sean Garinger from 16 and Pregnant
Sean Garinger who appeared on 16 and Pregnant has died at 20. Pic credit: MTV

Sean Garinger, known for his appearance on 16 and Pregnant alongside his former partner Selena Gutierrez, has tragically passed away at the young age of 20 following a devastating ATV accident.

The incident occurred on February 28 in Boone, North Carolina, as Garinger was moving an ATV from one parking spot to another in front of his home.

According to his mother, Mary Hobbs, who recounted the harrowing events to The U.S. Sun, the ground gave way due to heavy rain and mud, causing the ATV to flip and crush Garinger’s skull.

Hobbs described the frantic moments following the accident as she desperately sought help from neighbors to remove the ATV from her son. Despite her efforts, Garinger succumbed to his injuries before assistance could arrive.

The untimely death of Garinger, who shared two children with Gutierrez, has left his loved ones and fans in shock and mourning. 

His presence on 16 and Pregnant endeared him to viewers, and tributes have poured in following the tragic news.

Sean Garinger split with Selena Gutierrez before death

Gutierrez became known to audiences for her appearance on the reality show, where she shared her journey of motherhood alongside Garinger. Together, they welcomed their first daughter, Dareli, in October 2020, followed by another daughter, Esmi, in June 2022.

Reflecting on their relationship, Mary, Sean’s mother, shared a tender memory of his childhood nickname, “Squishy,” revealing that their youngest daughter, Esmi, is affectionately referred to as his “mini squishy.”

The tumultuous nature of Gutierrez and Garinger’s relationship was not shielded from viewers as their struggles played out on the show.

Issues such as allegations of infidelity and conflicts resulted in dramatic moments captured on screen, including an incident where Gutierrez was reportedly arrested in front of Sean and their family members.

Despite their challenges, the former couple continued co-parenting their children while pursuing separate romantic interests. According to a family insider, Gutierrez and Garinger were involved with other individuals at the time of Sean’s untimely passing.

Sean Garinger tribute and funeral service

According to his obituary, Garinger is survived by his daughters Dareli and Esmi, whom he shares with Gutierrez, and his mother and his sisters, Shania, Lydia, Isabella, Ember, Kayden, and Casslyn.

The tribute acknowledges Sean’s vibrant passion for life, noting his love for activities such as driving RC cars, skydiving, shark diving, dirt biking, flying drones, riding ATVs, surfing, and immersing himself in the ocean. 

His adventurous spirit and zest for excitement were apparent in every aspect of his life, per the statement. A service to honor Sean’s life was held at Austin & Barnes Funeral Home in Boone, NC, on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

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