1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton was put in a medically induced coma after entering rehab

Tammy Slaton from TLC's 1000-Lb. Sisters.
1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton was admitted to a hospital after struggling to breathe. Pic credit: TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters star, Tammy Slaton, has a lot to be thankful for as her health journey continues.

The Season 3 finale of TLC’s hit show revealed that just one day after Tammy entered rehab for a second time, she had a medical emergency that sent her to the hospital.

The rehab facility reached out to her family and let them know she was struggling to breathe and had “taken a turn for the worst.” Once she arrived at the hospital, she was immediately put on a ventilator.

Things continued to get worse with her breathing and “her lungs were giving up,” according to her older sister, Amanda. This led to doctors placing her in a medically induced coma.

Her brother, Chris, revealed that Tammy was in a coma for four days. “They didn’t know if she was going to make it through the night or make it through the next hour,” Chris stated. Her siblings were there while Tammy remained in the hospital and were in the room when she woke up from her coma.

“After waking up,” Chris says, “she kept telling us she loved us and wanted to go home.”

Tammy’s family feared they would have to bury her

Upon her admittance into the hospital, Tammy’s siblings were terrified that they had seen their sister for the last time. Amanda told producers, “She’s been in such a bad place for so long. She waited too long, and now that she has the courage to step out and get the help that she needs, now this.”

After hearing that Tammy’s lungs were failing and that her body was essentially shutting down, Amanda was near tears as she feared they would soon have to make funeral arrangements for her.

Amy, who has a tight-knit bond with Tammy, admits she was scared that Tammy’s life could be ending. She confessed that she hated the thought of her sister not being around to see her nieces and nephews grow up and to live a long life.

After Tammy awakened from her coma, Amy simply said, “She’s okay, she’s still alive,” as she fought back the tears.

Dr. Smith became Tammy’s lifeline

A major factor in Tammy’s decision to enter rehab was the house visit made by her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Smith. After having a heartfelt conversation with him, Tammy admitted that her drinking and partying was a way to distract herself from her depression.

Dr. Smith was sympathetic to her situation. However, he reiterated that neither her mental nor physical health would improve with the additional damage she was doing to her body through alcohol and smoking. He offered his support, simply telling her she could reach out to him if she ever needed to talk. And Tammy did just that.

After watching Amy expand her family, and seeing Chris continuing to lose weight, Tammy felt her depression was worse than ever. She called Dr. Smith for help, and he arranged for her to enter rehab while ensuring there was a medical professional on-site to assist with her mental health.

At the close of the episode, Chris let viewers know that Tammy had lost 115-lbs in the first 30 days of rehab. The family continues to support her on her journey and hopes this was the wake-up call needed for her to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus but is streaming on Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Tammy is so lucky Dr. Smith took a personal interest in Tammy and hopefully saving her life! Going to her home for a house call is rare today with the pandemic. He took a huge risk for her. I hope she appreciates all he is doing for her. Tammy please save yourself and prove your family wrong. Show them you are stronger then all of them. The lord is giving you a second chance to prove yourself to him. Don’t blow it with old habits that will kill you. Come on let’s see you and your brother Chris give your other siblings the will power to lose weight like you are. You can be the inspiration to other’s out there who are just like you were. This is your calling, grab it, and hold on to it.

2 years ago

How could anyone let themselves become so fat and disgusting