1000-Lb Sisters: Amy Slaton finalizes divorce from husband Michael Halterman

Amy Slaton
Amy Slaton’s divorce from Michael Halterman has been finalized. Pic credit: TLC

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is a single woman as her divorce from Michael Harterman has been finalized.

The TLC personality has been engaged in an ongoing battle with her ex-husband following their split back in February of this year.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Amy and Michael separated following reports of cracks in their marriage. It didn’t take long for the separation to become permanent when Michael officially filed for divorce.

At the time of their divorce filing, Amy had just given birth to their second son, Glenn.

Despite being new parents for the second time, it wasn’t enough to keep them together, and Amy ended up moving in with her sister and 1000-Lb Sister co-star, Tammy Slaton.

Tammy had just undergone bariatric surgery, and Amy moved in with her two young children to help take care of Tammy on top of dealing with her ending marriage.

Now, Amy and Michael have reportedly settled and are gearing up to move on with their lives.

1000-Lb Sister star Amy Slaton finalizes divorce from Michael Halterman

Six months after filing to end their union, Amy and Michael are officially divorced. According to records The U.S. Sun obtained, the former couple settled, including the custody of their two sons.

The documents noted the finalized divorce date as September 6, 2023.

While they’ve seemingly resolved the situation, it didn’t come quickly. The parents spent the better part of six months engaged in a custody battle over their children, Gage, 2, and Glenn, 1.

Now that the battle is over, Amy and Michael have settled on shared custody of their boys.

A memo with the court documents confirmed the court’s approval, reading, “Marital settlement agreement is approved and incorporated by reference as if set forth verbatim and the parties are ordered to obey the terms thereof.”

Amy left in tears on her birthday

In other 1000-Lb Sister news, Amy seemingly spent part of her recent birthday in tears.

Uploading to her TikTok account, Amy shared a short video clip wearing a black be-dazzled beanie and a floral top.

Though the post seemed to be festive and upbeat, featuring a party hat and balloon graphics along with a cake with Happy Birthday candles, Amy was anything but festive.

The birthday girl shed some serious tears as she quietly sang, “It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to,” set to the melody of Lesley Gore’s famous hit.

It’s unclear if Amy’s tears had anything to do with her recent divorce. Given the other family drama unfolding among the sisters, her meltdown may have nothing to do with her now ex-husband.

1000-Lb Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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