1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton splits from husband Michael Halterman

Amy Slaton has moved in with her sister, Tammy Slaton, after separating from her husband.
Amy Slaton has separated from her husband after months of arguments. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Slaton has shocked the 1000-Lb Sisters fandom with the news that she’s split from her husband.

The shocking news comes just months after Amy gave birth to the couple’s second child. The two are also weeks away from their wedding anniversary.

Amy met Michael Halterman when she was still in high school. However, the two were only friends for years before entering into a romantic relationship.

The couple eloped in 2017 and kept their nuptials a secret from their growing fan base. In March 2019, they had a second wedding ceremony so their loved ones could be in attendance.

Fans were also able to watch the two tie the knot as their wedding was featured on the show.

Sadly, it appears the two may be headed for divorce as they have separated and are struggling to resolve their issues.

Amy Slaton moved out of the home she shared with Michael Halterman

The Sun has reported that a source close to Amy has shared that she has packed up her children and moved out of the Kentucky home she shared with Michael. The two purchased the home shortly after Amy became pregnant with their youngest son, Glenn.

The source revealed that the couple has not been in a great place and has been fighting for months. Their arguments mostly centered on Michael not helping Amy with the kids and doing nothing to maintain their home.

Since moving out, Amy and her boys have been living with Tammy, who recently returned home after being in rehab for over a year.

Amy and Michael have not officially filed for divorce, however, the Slaton family does not believe they will reconcile. Amy plans to continue living with Tammy and helping her recover from bariatric surgery. Amy also intends to shift her focus back on her own weight loss journey now that she is done having kids.

The future of 1000-Lb Sisters is unclear

The fourth season of 1000-Lb Sisters has been divided into two parts, each consisting of eight episodes. The first half of the season is focusing on Tammy’s surgery approval and Amy’s adjustment to becoming a mom of two.

The second half of the season is intended to highlight Tammy’s new marriage and the Slaton siblings growing closer together. The show even pitched sending Tammy on a honeymoon trip to Greece with her husband while her family tags along.

However, the family allegedly is not completely on board with the direction of the show. Not only do they feel producers are editing the footage in a negative way, but they also believe they should be getting paid more, which has led them to request contract renegotiations.

Additionally, the Slaton family has been in talks with other production companies and possibly pitching a spin-off series.

While initially slated to premiere later this year, there is no official release date for the remaining episodes of Season 4.

1000-Lb Sisters airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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