10 must-see looks worn by Jill Duggar

Jill Duggar on Counting On.
Jill Duggar has worn some pretty incredible things. Pic credit: TLC

Jill Duggar is coming into her own when it comes to style and fashion. She is a late bloomer but is quickly catching up to her little sister, Jinger. 

Since distancing herself from the Duggar family and walking away from Counting On in 2017, Jill has played around with her clothing choices a little bit. 

There is still a bit of conservatism regarding what she puts on social media, but Jill Duggar stepped out of her comfort zone a lot and surprised some of her followers this year. 

With that, there have been some outfits worn that have caught the eyes of critics and fans alike, and Jill has shown off more than just her body in pants and long-sleeved shirts. 

These are 10 must-see looks work by Jill Duggar that got people talking. 

The red dress 

When Jill Duggar shared the outfit she was wearing to Derick Dillard’s law school graduation, everyone was stunned. 

She debuted a form-fitting red dress. It was lace, with a little bit of see-through at the button, and the dress hit above her knee, which by Duggar standards, is incredibly short. 

It was one of the best outfits she has worn publicly, and to use it on such a special occasion was perfecting timing on her part. 

Sleeveless top with jeans 

During one of the resale events Jill Duggar shopped, she posed with a Duggar family friend, Sierra Dominguez. 

The former reality TV star was wearing a sleeveless tank top and some ankle-length jeans. It was a typical outfit for a 20-something mom, but it was a big deal for Jill to wear something like that in public. 

Her style is very boho and hippie, and the shirt fits right in with the taste followers know she has. 

The Oliver & Otis promo outfit 

During the Christmas season, Jill Duggar partnered with Olive & Otis. She did a promotional post wearing a winter-themed t-shirt, a green cardigan, jeans, and some brown boots between ankle-length and knee-length. 

It was a very Christmasy outfit and more mainstream than would be expected from Jill. She rocked the outfit, and followers were impressed with the everyday look she could pull off without much effort. 

Her wedding dress 

The wedding dress Jill Duggar chose to wear wasn’t extravagant, but it was a perfect choice for her. 

As the first Duggar daughter to get married, she set the bar for all of her younger sisters, who got married in succession following her trip down the aisle in 2014. 

Wearing the wedding dress was one of the first times viewers saw Jill all dressed up and looking fancy. She typically dressed plain and didn’t wear makeup, so she made an impression when she walked down the aisle. 

Having the veil was the perfect addition to this must-see Jill Duggar look. 

The pirate costume 

Dressing up isn’t something Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard do regularly. When Israel was a baby, the couple dressed up as pirates for a free treat from Krispy Kreme. 

Jill wore a tie around her head, a scarf as a sash, and a striped black and white shirt. It was a hodgepodge outfit, but it showed a fun side buried underneath that serious outer layer. 

Pirate Jill was a hit, so there may be more costumes coming in the future. It would be a welcomed change of pace on her Instagram feed. 

3130 clothing

Modeling for her cousin, Amy Duggar King’s boutique is a newer thing for her. When she debuted some of the looks she tried on, followers were intrigued. 

She had a striped plush sweater paired with jeans or jeggings with holes in the knees. Having holes in your jeans is a huge trend still, and Jill put them on while trying things on at 3130. 

Amy and Jill are cousins, but they are also friends and women who support other women in their business ventures. They have grown a lot in the last few years, and Amy has stepped up to be there for Jill when she needed someone who understood her life.


Swimming in anything other than long shorts and t-shirts didn’t happen for the Duggars. They didn’t spend a lot of time in the water growing up, but they occasionally did. 

Seeing Jill Duggar wearing form-fitting swimwear was a bit of a shock, though it was also part of a sponsorship. 

There were a few different outfits, but the one that appeared to be a fitted t-shirt with a pair of biker shorts was easily the best look for her. 

Black dress with button-up front 

This dress that Jill Duggar chose for the family photos speaks volumes. It is a more sophisticated choice for the former reality TV star. 

Wearing dressy clothing hasn’t been a thing for Jill, so it is special when she gets dressed up. 

All of the family photos she shared oozed with love, and that dress fit her like a glove. Jill was happy in that moment, and that’s why it is a must-see outfit. 

Patterned mauve dress 

Just when followers thought she wouldn’t be a part of Justin Duggar’s wedding in Texas, Jill Duggar came in, showing everyone up. 

She shared a photo of herself in a mauvy-pink dress in a mirror selfie. Derick Dillard was there with her, and the two looked amazing. 

The dress hit above the knee, and the hemline was up and down. It was patterned all the way through the dress, which made it stand out even more. 

Form-fitting was the name of the game for Jill there, and she and Derick completed their look with masks. Very fitting during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hippie spaghetti strap dress with a white t-shirt 

Finally, this little masterpiece appears to be one of Jill Duggar’s favorites. She has been seen wearing it on more than one occasion, and if any outfit explains who she is, it is this one. 

Wearing a white t-shirt under a dress is something out of the 90s. The hippie-inspired dress has very thin spaghetti straps and worked well when placed over the white shirt. 

Jill completed the look with a headscarf that matched the dress, and it pulled everything together. 

While Jill Duggar isn’t the most fashionable Duggar daughter (that is Jinger), she has come a long way in learning what does and does not work for her when it comes to clothing. Her style is a mix of modern and boho/hippie, and it fits her better than it would anyone else in the family.

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