Outlander stars reveal what modern buildings they would like to see on Fraser’s Ridge

Cast as depicted in Season 5 of Starz's Outlander
Outlander cast as depicted in Season 5. Pic credit: Starz

Currently, Starz’s TV series, Outlander, is set in the years 1770 to 1772. So, there is very little by the way of modern conveniences.

However, for many of the characters in the hit historical drama series, they have come from the future and are used to a more advanced way of life — even if by the future we mean the 1960-70s.

So, it suddenly makes a lot more sense to ask the characters what they would like to see as modern conveniences on Fraser’s Ridge.

Bathrooms and spas are a common request

In a new clip released by Starz to their official Outlander Twitter account, the stars of the show were asked what modern buildings they would like to see turn up on Fraser’s Ridge.

“So, if I could add one modern building to the Ridge, I would say a beautiful modern bathroom,” said César Domboy, who portrays Fergus Fraser.

It was a sentiment echoed by Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser).

“An indoor toilet, Jamie Fraser,” Balfe stated.

“He can build a curved bloody staircase but he can’t build an indoor toilet. What’s all that about?”

As for Sam Heughan, who portrays Jamie? He’s like to see a jacuzzi rather than a toilet.

Heughan sees this modern device as a way to bring together some of the character groups that he clashes with, stating the Browns and the Christies as prime examples. The actor believes that the warm waters would help relax everyone, so they were no longer in conflict.

Lauren Lyle was another actor who thought that the spa idea was a good one.

Shopping malls feature as favorite requests

While viewers would think that a flushable toilet would be the most popular option by characters on Fraser’s Ridge, the most requested modern amenities were actually shops and convenience stores.

Mark Lewis Jones, who plays Tom Christie would like a simple coffee shop, whereas Sophie Skelton (Brianna Fraser Mackenzie) would like a corner store that stocked “everything.” Finally, Richard Rankin (Roger Mackenzie) would instead go big or go home with the inclusion of a shopping mall.

John Bell, who portrays Young Ian, also thought the idea of a shop would be perfect for his character.

“For Ian, I think he’d love, like, an accessory shop,” Bell explained, “’cause, you know, he all about the accessories. He is the moment.”

Finally, Alexandre Vlahos, who plays newcomer Allan Christie, dropped an intriguing hint about Season 6 of Outlander by stating that he would like an extra bed.

“Does Tom Christie like sleeping top and tail with Allan?” Vlahos revealed before adding. “I’ll let you decide.”

Already viewers know that the Christies will cause drama on the Ridge when they arrive in Season 6 of Outlander, so this further fuels the intrigue.

Season 6 of Outlander will premiere on March 6, 2022, on Starz.

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