Norman Reedus suggests lost actors from The Walking Dead could appear in Daryl Dixon spinoff

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon, as seen in Episode 21 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10
Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon, as seen in Episode 21 of The Walking Dead Season 10. Pic credit: AMC/Eli Ade

AMC has a variety of spinoff shows in development that centers around The Walking Dead universe. Among them is a Daryl Dixon one that is currently untitled.

Initially, this spinoff show was expected to star Daryl Dixon (portrayed by Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). However, McBride has bowed out of the series, citing location as the reason why she left.

The new series is expected to be filmed in Europe and has gathered rising speculation that the new show could involve the fast zombies first seen in another spinoff series, The Walking Dead World Beyond.

Norman Reedus has suggested that while the new show is heading overseas, some familiar faces could show up along the way.

‘Lost’ characters from The Walking Dead could show up

Throughout 11 seasons of The Walking Dead, various characters have come and gone. Some more permanently than others.

However, there are still some characters that went missing and were never seen again. Heath (Corey Hawkins) is one such character.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) is another, but it is expected that she might turn up at some point in one of The Walking Dead movies currently in development.

When speaking to Iron & Air, Reedus revealed that his upcoming spinoff series could feature some of these “lost” characters.

“Some of our characters are lost, and maybe I’ll run into one or two of them,” Reedus said.

When asked to clarify, Reedus didn’t expand on who might show up in the new TV show but insisted that “Carol and Daryl will definitely come back together,” giving hope to the possibility of Daryl and Carol reuniting at some point in the spinoff series.

However, who else might join him is currently unknown.

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon, as seen in Episode 16 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 11
Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon, as seen in Episode 16 of The Walking Dead Season 11. Pic credit: AMC/Jace Downs

What is the new spinoff about?

As mentioned above, the new Daryl Dixon show is expected to head to Europe. With what Reedus has just stated, there is the indication that others might also join him on his trip overseas.

Currently, in The Walking Dead, gas is not readily available for cars, let alone an aircraft, so it is unclear just how Daryl will get there.

However, the Civic Republic Military (CRM) has popped up across The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead: World beyond. This community has access to fuel and helicopters, so the possibility is they may be involved somehow in getting Daryl across the Atlantic Ocean.

As to why Daryl needs to head to Europe remains to be seen, and AMC has remained tight-lipped over the character’s reasoning. Other than the theory that he is sent there to check out the super-fast zombies purportedly in France, there seems no other valid reason for him to travel such a distance.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that viewers will have to wait a little longer to find more about this new spinoff series based in The Walking Dead universe.

As of yet, no official premiere date has been confirmed by AMC for the Daryl spinoff series. The remainder of Season 11 of The Walking Dead will air later in 2022.

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